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    I'm pretty sure everyone on this show is a Beta clubber stereotype. It's ridiculous how well each represents their first and second functions, as well as shared Beta values, as traditionally understood, of being oriented around status and the insistence on sophistication within their sphere of contact --- social clubbing in this case.

    I'd still like some feedback from actual Betas. If you have a totally different interpretation of Socionics and/or don't even consider yourself Beta, please don't hesitate to bring up your ideas.


    - Julian "The Bait": SLE
    - Ajay "The Arabian Knight": LSI
    - Alan: LSI
    - Sheldon: IEI
    - Peachez: SLE
    - Chris: EIE
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    Oh.. my god. I don't even know what to say about this.. it's really funny and honestly I do agree they are Beta ST but this also brings up so many other negative feelings within me.. Ugh. And it's absolutely hilarious that it's Canadian - that nightclub is in Toronto and I'm pretty sure I've been there before LOL

    I can see myself getting along with all of these guys but also hating them at the same time. The concept of PUA etc is quite honestly very based imo.. it's pretty gross. I take this as a joke and I hope that there aren't actually real men out there who believe / try to do this sort of thing. I just mean take the whole "game" and being a "player" so seriously, for more than just a brief college/university phase or something. Grow up, is my thought. The Ajay guy really seemed quite nice and charming though, I do have to give major props to his confidence and smoothness.. (lol still lovin' mah dual I guess)

    Some of that stuff that Ajay did was obvious as fuck though -- the whole "I need advice" opening thing.. that's been everywhere. The way he delivers things is his strength, however.

    Stuff like this really makes me wonder about some men though... like if they do this sort of thing, believe in it.. I guess it can be a means to an end, to get the attention of a girl initially who may not give them it, and then develop a real relationship from there on. But others literally just wanna get laid by different girls and feel big about themselves. So, so gross.

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