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Thread: Hi there!

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    Cool Hi there!

    Hi there!
    If you want to know my type, sorry, i can't tell you... i made a lot of tests before to jump here: always different results. One thing is SURE (maybe, ahah) i'm a INTUITIVE (never resulted the "S" letter, never) and probably an INTROVERTED (90% of tests, i guess)... OK, of course... I don't spend my life doing personality tests... but i must admit, all that stuff really raped my brain i am not going to stop to study socionics until i will have found my type! Anyway, i'm Fabio. 22. Student (?). Just another person on this planet without any idea of what will be his future, of what he is searching in his life. But i love music. And i make music. Abstract, insane experimental trip-hip-hop. I love to travel (who don't?). I'm italiano, so don't blame me if my english sounds wack!

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    If you want to share your music at some point you can post it here:

    Welcome to Wonderland!

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