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Thread: ENTp and past trauma

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    Default ENTp and past trauma

    I seem to have met a fair amount of ILEs, especially of the Ne subtype, who have had a few significant traumatic past events in their lives, which they bring up at completely random times in social settings and hint at or retell in a calm manner. Is it just me?... anyone else notice this?... :s I mean I feel like a lot of ILEs tell me stuff because I'm easy to open up to (or so I'm told), but I kind of wish I could help them purge some of their pent up feelings better.
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    I've come across the same, and especially with Ne subs ... though Ti subtypes sometimes have stories like that to share too ... I think the best thing you could do is listen to them and be supportive. Talking it out helps them connect the pieces together and figure out how to deal.

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