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Thread: security and stress TYPES

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    Default security and stress TYPES

    Similar to the stress and security points thread, you evolve into your lookalike/business partner when secure (dualizing) and degrade into your contrary/extinguishment partner when insecure (undualized or separating from dual). At a middle point, you are your type.

    Why these types? I figure the more secure you are, the more energy you having running through the entire IM system, and therefore the more you have for your superego block, which is usually too draining to use for long. But you resemble your lookalike partner more than your superego partner, because the creative function is still valued over the polr. Likewise when you are under stress, there is less energy going around, so you revert back to the efficient id block and resemble your contrary partner.

    ENFj ENTj INFj
    ISTj ISFj ESTj
    ESTp ENTp ISTp
    INFp ISFp ENFp
    ENTp ESTp INTp
    ISFp INFp ESFp
    ESFj ESTj ISFj
    INTj INFj ENTj
    ENTj ENFj INTj
    ISFj ISTj ESFj
    ESFp ENFp ISFp
    INTp ISTp ENTp
    ESTj ESFj ISTj
    INFj INTj ENFj
    ENFp ESFp INFp
    ISTp INTp ESTp
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    I like this. It jives with my experience. I think when I am very secure I seem more like an ISFp, in terms of feeling more balanced and on an even keel but also present in my body. And I can see how in points of stress I just look like an unsuccessful EP-type, just running around everywhere in every direction at once without a clear focus and also having feelings that I don't bother to explain or clarify. Ugh, and stressed ESTps (or SLEs) do act like ISTps (or SLIs). They turn into ugly little micromanagers and I am not here for it. I mean, I will just do the thing I am requested to do for the moment (if I like the person enough) but I will be super rude about it and then we'll have a long conversation about it afterwards. And I like the idea that secure SLEs are a little more free-associative and more free to freely explore various ideas. Oh and I also agree about the stressed ESEs who try to turn their feelings into enforceable laws like a bad ESI, and I'm just like... nope. Sorry. Bye. Don't want to deal. And stressed out LSIs do start barking orders like LSEs.

    I think you can also relate those stress types to like... maladaptive ways of enforcing the ego. SLEs want to make everyone around them an extension of their own ability to get things done, so they start overspecifying exactly what each person is to do and exactly how they are to do those things, so it can be as close as possible to the SLE actually doing it. And LSIs want everybody to follow the explicit rules they've laid down, so they start spewing instructions everywhere. As for the intuitive Beta types, the IEI wants everything to fit into a grand system of harmonious motion, but rather than specifying and explaining, in moments of stress we just leap from point to point, as though we can make the whole system happen if we just touch every single point at once. And the EIE wants to create a certain type of emotional circulation, so in moments of stress, it's like they try to make the whole circuit happen inside themselves without involving other people, and so they get super touchy and prickly and all in their feelings about EVERYTHING, because there's a whole system and cycle of emotions that they're trying to make happen entirely within themselves.

    I don't like the bits i wrote about the intuitive types so much, but I do think that, like I said, this jives with my experience so, thanks it was fun to think about.
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    This isn't accurate for me unless I'm typed completely wrong. When I'm stressed I retreat into an inner world, sometimes lashing out and other times running away from things that scare me, and have no tolerance for people teasing or joking with me. When happy I become outgoing and goofy and like to play around. I'd say when I'm comfortable I come off as a leader and am usually the one at the front of the line, physically and mentally. When unhappy I become the slow moving, dim person.

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