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    Default Examples please

    Hey. Can someone give me examples of how a description of a sociotype changes when you have to combinate it With an enneagram.
    LII With 9 and SEI With 5 please.

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    LII 9w1s are still body types. Of 8, 9, 1, type nine is the most out of touch with the gut center. That means they have a bias towards not asserting their will. 9w1s aren't set on actualizing an image of themselves that's more assertive and desirable like 9-fixed 3w4s are. The emphasis goes towards self-forgetting (checking out/not having an agenda/staying in 'flow'). Sociotype impacts the way 9s go about doing this. In the case of LII 9w1 they're using Ti-cognition to keep themselves numbed out from any emotional/physical/psychological discomfort...discomfort in their case means having to experience their own willfulness. Ti-cognition isn't motivated by a desire to truly know, but a desire to forget....that's where LII 9w1s can easily get missed in descriptions/views of LII. The stereotypical LII is a 6w5 LII due to the scientism of E6.

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