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    I really don't know what to say. I'll just say why I came instead. I came because I see you guys as a foremost authority on all things socionic. Seeing how some notable person defiled through here doesn't exactly help that fact. Or so I was lead to believe. I also came for guidance. Not for results but for guidance. I recently got taught pretty nicely about my MBTI now I decided to reconcile my MBTI and my sociotype. And what better way than do it in the epicentre so to speak? What else?
    ...go to hell! I hate these things(intros). They are the worst part about finding a job(job interview is kinda meaningless imo). But I'll spoil things I want to leave nondescript (hm) for later discussions. Until then...something! Go eat a burger!

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    Socionics and MBTI are not really compatible as Socionics essentially invalidates MBTI's model(what model). I recommend just starting back at Jung and then learning socionics. Identify which of the 8 Psychological Types you are and go from there.

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