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    Default se as space capturing

    I have heard extroverted sensing being described as space capturing
    In contrast to introverted sensing, which is space settling

    Do you think the intuitive counterparts can be smilarly labelled?
    For example extroverted intuition could be time capturing. And introverted intuition, time settling. If you think of time as a visible succession of changes, then time capturing could be staying present to an object for a particular time, to experience the desired changes. Time settling could be staying present simultaneously to all changes, and finding the perfect speed to enjoy them as a whole, like si finds the perfect location in space, to enjoy the whole sensory world.
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    how about using more concrete examples for once, instead of all this namby-pamby abstractionics nebulousness. space capturing as king of the hill, how does that sound? then come up w/ similar for other fxns. mb sth like balancing atop sth for Si, for instance.

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