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    I've read up on the descriptions of functions both from Socionics and MBTI, and I'm still confused as to how they differ. I've been into MBTI for over a year now, and am just getting into Socionics. Can you help explain the differences between the functions? For instance, I relate more to the Reinin dichotomies and descriptions of the IEI, but I'm *very* much Fi-Ne in the Myers-Briggs. All explanations welcome.


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    I have disregarded most of the personality type descriptions (they are pretty close for all the NFs anyway). You could just focus on what you feel is your strongest function. If I read pure descriptions of the functions, not in the context of a type, I see where they apply to me. I usually test INFJ in MBTI and IEI in socionics. I didn't get what people meant by treating them as separate systems when I first joined but now I think I get it. Ni is my base in either system. If you feel Fi is your base then you can take it from there.

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