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Thread: Whats my type - tropical goth?

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    Hey yo yo

    What is my type? I'm 19 year old and from Albania
    I do not use drugs myself etc

    I see myself as a funny guy and kind of gay (but not really in true sexual orientation), which from MBTI know would boil down my type to INFj or INFp.

    Now what is the difference between an INFp and an INFj? The latter seems like they can be more organized due to J e.g work in a corporation which is the last thing I am able to do really. I'd rather smoke pot but I don't do even that. I don't have high ideals like INFjs, I rather want to have fun, and I occasionally hang out with drug dealers. That seems to be more of an edgy thing that these church going INFjs would never do.

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    Now what is the difference between an INFp and an INFj?

    INFj is a deliberate tease who fucks ppl after they woo them good for kinda 5 months. It uses metaphor and allusion (sometimes phallic) to build up sexual tension and drive the other up a wall kinda waiting for a willful Te dom to pierce through their bs and get to (logical and practical) action.

    INFp is randomly teasing ppl and stringing them along (probably) through their lack of consistency and coz they get bored. There was a cool ESI-IEI relationship around in which the ESI (!) was kinda screwed up coz of IEI whims. They usually fall for macho figures who grab ppl by the balls.

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