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Thread: Clarity and Self-Discipline

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    Default Clarity and Self-Discipline

    Much of the time, people equate getting things done with willpower. I don't know if everyone is like this, but I feel an enormous amount of inner tension when I'm doing something via pure willpower. Then, every time I must do the dreaded thing, it gets no easier, just more and more tense.

    So, what makes sense for me is focusing on the path of least resistance in order to create the same effect as discipline. It simply isn't good for me personally to do things by will every single day.

    I believe, actually I'm pretty certain, that our suggestive function is responsible for this sense of ease.

    I think being connected to this part of yourself is something we take massively for granted, because it is unconscious. Bringing this element into our lives is difficult, because it's almost formless in our vision, and that makes it difficult to recognize.

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    I can see how that would be.

    Se would be taking to action where id otherwise do nothing. And I absolutely try to use the limited Se I have to put me on a path of least resistance going forward.
    I would say that ethically you are still supposed to act as if you have unilateral responsibility; but simultaneously you have to be able to see the other as a fully autonomous, free, aware person.

    Medicalizing social problems has the additional benefit of rendering society not responsible for those social ills. If it’s a disease, it’s nobody’s fault. Yay empiricism.

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