Radio personality, has been in radio for a long time, being part of various different shows, radio stations and show formats.

What I got:

Born entertainer/comedian:
On why he does radio: "I can not imagine a life without doing radio. Ever since I was a kid I'd just hang out with my friends outside, busting balls. This is just the same, except I get paid for it."
So, EP temperament I'd guess.

Very loyal:
Even though his radio partner Fez has been utter crap and pretty much was not able to perform on the radio at all due to mental issues, he kept him on his show for years. He'd occasionally let Fez know how much he was dragging down the show, and frequently make fun of his craziness on the air, but always remain a loyal friend to him. Fez used to live close to him and Ron would have Fez over for many occasions (Thanksgiving, watching Superbowl, Wrestlemania etc), almost like a part of his family.

Hates being told what he can or can not say:
One of the few occasions he got really mad was when Fez critizised him for saying something (don't know what anymore, something pretty minor). Rons reaction: "I got trouble not losing my shit right now, holy fuck. NEVER tell me what I can or can not say. I HATE THAT".

Fe unvalued:
One of the rare occasions an interview gets of the wrong foot by the guest being a douche, instead of trying to go for reconciliation Ron milks it for awkward and uncomfortable radio gold. "I don't know why this fucking guy came in here with this attitude... (...) Yeah we're not gonna get over this..." (link)

Great interviewer:
Knows how to talk to pretty much anyone, most of his guests are artists, musicians, comedians and directors, but he always knows how to put them at ease quickly and making them feel like they're understood/listened to.
When they had a guest over on the Ron&Fez show, everyone would usually shut up except Ron, and he'd be the only one doing the interview, simply because he was so good. He knows how to keep the conversation going into interesting directions, without being pushy or asking personal questions. Quote: "I never ask personal questions, unless they bring it up first, I only ask them about their art and work".

Sometimes known as "puppetmaster":
Can be manipulative in ways to make callers, intern or some guests admit to things they'd probably not say outright otherwise. Like taking the side of an especially bratty intern to make them feel more confident and act out of line even more to the rest of the staff.

Not sure if Ne humor:
His delivery is usually deadpan. Lots of dry sarcasm, most of the time he doesn't even laugh that much, prefers hitting the desk instead.
Example of his humor (couple days ago): (after someone mentioning google) "I started my own website recently. Yeah. It's called Only problem is now I gotta come up with all these fucking answers."

Another example: Letting his crazy co-host Fez bring in his cat. Fez insisted that the cat could say "cookie", and he wants the cat to start saying "cookie" on the air. What basically followed was a whole 3 hour radio show of Fez over and over again saying "cookie... cookie", trying to get his cat to respond. Instead of stopping the nuttery, Ron let it go on through the whole show, from occasionally rumbling about Fez being crazy and that the cat would never talk to clapping his hands and going "Alright, lets get this fucking cat to talk", instilling new hope in Fez.

Ti/Te (?):
Once the topic was about internet piracy, and callers saying that piracy isn't a crime, while he insisted it is a crime, because obviously there is a law against it so it's illegal, hence it is a crime. Only occasionally would he clarify the distinction of weather or not it SHOULD be legal, and that that would be another topic. Basically he had trouble comprehending that his listeners were saying that it's not a crime as it's not hurting anybody, while he always went back to "it's against the law".

Loves cigars and food (he's fat):
Would this be valued Si (indulging sensual pleasures), or unvalued (not stressed about potential damage to body)?

Alpha-male/dominating personality:
Not alpha in the socionics sense, but he referred to himself as an alpha male once. Which is self evident when you see how confident he's around people.
Also when he is a guest at a different radio show, it's hard to think that he is not one of the actual hosts. It's pretty much impossible to think of him as just a funny sidekick of a show, the way he talks and carries himself makes him a born host.

So overall I think Fi and Se are the most prominent things to spot, very likely gamma. ESFp or ENTj. Perhaps Delta though? Please comment.