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Thread: Enneagram and Spirituality

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    Default Enneagram and Spirituality

    I was just posting to the E4 thread and started wondering if most nuns are 2s, 4s, 5s, or 9s.

    I believe Hildegard Von Bingen was 459 sx first, possibly 5 as her core E type. I did a quick search to see if I found anything interesting about her type and after following a couple of links I ended up here.

    "Welcome to The Spiritual Enneagram: Nine Ways to Be Divine! Much of the material on the Enneagram Personality System that is currently available focuses on helping each of us uncover the underlying view of reality that keeps us broken and suffering. In other words, it emphasizes the negative aspects of our way of looking at the world.

    Have you ever wondered about the positive aspects of each Enneagram type, the ways in which each personality embodies a different facet of the Divine? Then this blog is for you! Here, I've revised the traditional "Holy Ideas" of the Enneagram into a system called the "Sacred Ideas." This system details three different traits for each type, each of which serves as a different lens onto the Sacred.

    Although each of us comes into this world with a tendency to embody just one type - and therefore just one set of Sacred Ideas - this system helps us see how we are called eventually to embody all of the different sets of Sacred Ideas. As you read about the divine qualities of each type, I encourage you to make a practice of visualizing how you might embody them in your own life.

    This blog consists of:

    (1)an introduction to the system,

    (2)a brief exposition of the metaphysical framework in which each of these sets of Sacred Ideas fits,

    (3)a summary of the spirituality and Sacred Ideas of each type, and

    (4) longer posts that present sets of quotes from a variety of spiritual traditions which illustrate each of the Sacred Ideas. In the following list, each Sacred Idea has its own link. Simply click on the one(s) you want:

    Type Nine:
    Sacred Backdrop, Sacred Self-Forgetting, Sacred Bliss

    Type Eight:
    Sacred Omnipresence, Sacred Expanse, Sacred Resistance

    Type Seven: Sacred Novelty, Sacred Flow, Sacred Freedom

    Type Six: Sacred Faith, Sacred Suspense, Sacred Community

    Type Five: Sacred Omniscience, Sacred Detachment, Sacred Integration

    Type Four: Sacred Origin, Sacred Romance, Sacred Longing

    Type Three: Sacred Discipline, Sacred Confidence, Sacred Deception

    Type Two: Sacred Grace, Sacred Compassion,Sacred Praise

    Type One: Sacred Goodness, Sacred Perfection, Sacred Repair

    Enjoy the journey!

    Stephen Hatch"

    "When I ought to be thinking of heaven he will nail me to earth"


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    This seems to be nice, I'm reading on my type there. Thanks.
    I've read most from the Enneagram 6 type there. I have some different and some similar views. Regarding Sacred Faith I would say it is more than a trust that human evolution is bringing something positive, it is a deep-seated trust or confidence which cannot be explained by logic. It just comes naturally to me at times. It is not fierce, it is extremely loving and peaceful, at the same time it is so strong that I feel like with a huge force field of protection around me. And when it's like this nothing ever bad happened, and I've been to very risky places and situations because of what these situations represent for me.
    Ultimately this is the victory of Spirit over Matter in a sense, the victory of 'God' vs 'Devil', though I don't believe in a God as the Christians do.
    What we do not realise as E6s is that we are not separated from our Divine Source, we only seem to be so, and then comes a great insecurity, anxiety, which ends up in fear. Fear is the result of this fundamental misperception created by the veil of ego-illusion that we are separate from Spirit, God or whatever you want to call it. This separation is felt by every type in a different manner, but for me as a 6 it is felt as a lacking of 'ground' so to speak, so that I seem to be without something that I used to have. I think 4s feel this in a similar way as a lack of a something, which they respond to differently. While 5s feel it as a separation from others, 6s feel this as a separation from the Higher Force, etc, whatever you want to call it. But in fact this separation is only on the lower mind, beyond that there is only great strength from the Above.
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