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    Default Black Sails

    Good show, anyone else watch it? I haven't seen a thread for it, so I thought I'd make one. It's a TV show based off of Treasure Island, set 20 years before the book.

    I'm not super knowledgeable about typing, so take these with a grain of salt, these are just my impressions, nothing set in stone. Don't take my impressions too seriously, I don't, if you disagree with something point it out so I can improve. Feel free to correct or add to. I'm interested in your thoughts. These are just rough notes of each character nothing too deep.

    The show itself has an overall Se/Ni vibe in my opinion. It's centered on several themes, the most prominent is the idea of free men (pirates) warring against civilization (the actual point where this becomes solidified is the last episode of season 2, but still is mentioned continually throughout the series). Now I have no clue if that has any relevance to socionics at all, I'm just trying to get the ball rolling, but what the show seems to focus on is power struggles, relationship drama, and determined individuals bent on achieving their goals while overcoming the insurmountable obstacles they face. Awe inspiring willpower comes into play often. Usually a sort of dark, downcast feel to the show, kind of like Game of Thrones. Shows the worst of humanity, while at the same time showing the Herculean efforts of those who make their society work, and build a future for it.

    Captain Flint: ?, maybe Se ego (I'm leaning SLE). While it seems he is focused on the future of Nassau, he is really focused on achieving the dream of Thomas Hamilton and making it into a reality. Originally was adamantly against legitimizing Nassau, considering it impossible, but was persuaded by Thomas, and is motivated by what happened to Thomas to see it through. Willing to do anything to achieve his goal. Brilliant tactician, and strategist, a natural leader. Terrible at ethics, though at the same time is motivated by his closest attachments and what people think gnaws at him internally. Secretive to a fault. Haunted by his decisions, and his past, so morality is important to him, but willing to sacrifice anything to turn Thomas's vision into a reality, even if it means doing terrible things in the process. Miranda Barlow once said that Flint is the type of man who makes the dreams of dreamers like Thomas Hamilton into a reality. She also said he needs to fight, he needs the obstacles, he needs the war he has against the world to function (or something along those lines)

    Miranda Barlow: ?, is the only one who influences Flint in anyway, the only one capable of turning Flint off his course and remind him of who he really is, of his humanity.

    Eleanor Guthrie: ?, either SLE or LIE, has trouble with Fi, really all of her problems are caused by her relationships, yet at certain points it becomes very clear she desperately needs those relationships to function. Incredibly strong willed, good at power struggles. Both her and Flint identify strongly with each other, and understand each other. When they are at odds with each other its surprisingly disturbing. They are the prime movers that carry the future of Nassau on their backs and they recognize this in each other. Yet, while Flint is wholly committed, Eleanor gets distracted by her personal drama in her relationships, making her appear fickle at times to Flint.

    John Silver: ?, An opportunist, incredibly charismatic, knows just what to say to persuade people, and completely disinterested in morality. Purely pragmatic. Not quite a sociopath, still has a conscience, just not a very... good one.

    Charles Vane: ?, no idea. A complete bad ass, short sighted, yet has a code. All about power and autonomy. Weakness when it comes to relationships. Introverted for sure, but aside from that, I got nothing.

    Max: ?, great at manipulating people, understanding their motivations, definitely ethical, no idea what type.

    Billy Bones: ?, dutiful, loyal, honorable, competent, natural leader, popular, good relationship with the crew, never would tell them to do something without being willing to do it himself. Adeptly maneuvers his way in power struggles when he sees it's for the good of the crew, but not prone to seize power. Intelligent, stands out like a sore thumb among pirates. Despite his integrity, is pragmatic enough to hide his grudge against Flint because he believes Flint's future is the best plan for everyone. I wanted to say LSI or ESI, but I could be totally off the mark.

    I have no clue about the other characters, these were the ones that were most interesting to me.

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    Flint LIE
    Silver SLE
    Bones ESI
    Max EIE
    Eleanor LIE
    Vane LSI
    Miranda SEI

    I liked this show so much

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