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Thread: Creepy Photographs Inside Asylums & Treatment Throughout History (excerpt)

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    Default Creepy Photographs Inside Asylums & Treatment Throughout History (excerpt)

    Creepy cool

    A 17th century insanity mask.

    A 'self-decorated' patient in the 1800's.

    Photo of a late 1840's ''Utica crib'' to protect patients from harming themselves or others. Patients would sleep in it for extended periods of time until a regulatory crackdown curtailed restraint use for all but the most uncooperative and violent patients

    In 1927, Viennese psychiatrist Dr. Julius von Wagner-Jauregg won a Nobel Prize for discovering fever therapy when he "cured" a patient with late-stage syphilis 10 years earlier, by injecting him with malaria-tainted blood to induce a fever. It was considered the first true cure that halted a psychotic disease. Soon, all sorts of doctors were infecting their patients with malaria to cause a fever - until they realized many patients were dying from it. So they turned to other ways to heat up their patients, until the first report was published recommending ultrasound waves to therapeutically heat a person. That led to the production of machines like this full-body fever machine

    that was installed at the Fifth Avenue Hospital in New York City in the 1930s. According to a press release at the time, the machine "heats the blood stream and body tissue, much as does nature, killing off the alien germ."

    Patient in restraint chair at the West Riding Lunatic Asylum, Wakefield, Yorkshire ca. 1869.

    In the late 19th century, it was believed that masturbation caused insanity. Therefore this device was created to prevent men from doing such insane behavior.

    An X-ray showing needles driven into the skin of a patient in an psychiatric ward.

    Insane Asylum in Spain.

    A Mechanical Slapping Device used in the asylum in BC.

    Healed in less than 10 minutes. Sunland asylum. Dr. Freeman, the quack who went blindly into a brain with an ice-pick (lobotomy) from 1936 until he had his surgical privileges removed in 1967.

    Lobotomy tools

    Reasons to be admitted in the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, WV

    Drawing from a paranoid schizophrenic patient.

    Sources and more pics:

    I'll leave it up to you guys to decide if mankind has evolved........................................... ............... much
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    those poor people. the more tolerant/understanding/(knowledgeable?) society becomes and the more accommodating, the less of a problem "insanity" becomes. it just seems a lot of this arose out of "we don't understand you, therefore there must be something wrong with you, therefore we must 'fix' you."

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