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    Default Hey there

    Hey, I'm Aspherical and it's nice to be here

    I'm a second year undergrad neuroscience student from a few different places, with an interest in philosophy and psychology.

    Got into socionics over the summer and even though there are some problems with it(mainly the empirical side of things), I can't seem to get it out of my head? I think the thing I like most about it is how it tries to address the underlying mechanisms of the mind, instead of being entirely behavioural in scope like the big 5 system(or any other factor analysis based system that I've come across).

    It's convincing enough for me, anyway, so I'd like to explore it some more, and given the paucity of information available to read if you don't speak russian, conversation with people who are well informed seems like the best way to do that.

    In terms of other interests, I enjoy reading non fiction books about stuff I'm interested in, fiction like house of leaves or stuff by Ian Banks, strange hipster comics (such as anything by Michael Deforge), and watching films that are visually or conceptually interesting (like Boyhood or Rubber or The Fountain).

    I also enjoy sharing cigarettes with friends next to an open window at three in the morning, sharing quiet conversation. Also, bike rides through forested countryside during the summer.

    That's all I can think to say for now, but yeah, I look forward to talking with you guys

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    Hello. Welcome. Enjoy.

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