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Thread: Use in leading vs mobilizing?

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    Default Use in leading vs mobilizing?

    Iím curious. This is related to cognitive functions, but I think itís also related to something I read about Static vs Dynamic a while ago. Hereís what Iím thinking: Could the mobilizing function in a type be just as strong as the leading function, only they are differently strong, because of their position in relation to statics vs dynamics???
    Hereís an example, along with an explanation for why I askÖ I originally learned a lot of this theory through watching EJ Arendeeís videos, and several times, it seemed like he suggested an interesting phenomenon, although I donít think he even realized it. He talked a lot about how LSIís and ESIís had powerful imaginations, and it almost seemed like they had almost as large imaginations as intuitive types like Ni dom. Iím curious about the placement of functions and their relation to imagination. Could it be that a Ni dom is actually always daydreaming, but because theirs is leading, they arenít creating as incredible imaginings as Ni mobilizing? (because the mobilizing is lending itself to an Ji dom's dynamic perception? They will feel motivated to continue a particular story over longer periods than Ni leading?)

    Hopefully this made senseÖ

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    I think compared to Arendee, Ni doms have a much different system of imaginations. I think the word is sophisticated. Arendee's imagination is sometimes good, but it's also childish and unable to stand up in reality. I think a good Ni dom redefines the world systematically, via their perception. This is a bit of a weird concept though, so I won't say any more.

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