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Thread: Anecdotes about Model A in duality

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    Default Anecdotes about Model A in duality

    Below are some anecdotes about Model A in duality. This is a work in progress! Feel free to contribute ideas.

    • Their 1st, your 5th: You need this like a fish needs water. Without it you are miserable. It's amazing how easily and naturally your dual can do this! Interestingly, once you get used to having it there, every once in a while it can actually be a little annoying because they're so stubborn about it, but you would never, ever want to live without it. Dealing with issues with people for whom this area is weak/unvalued makes you feel extremely fortunate to have your dual in your life.
    • Their 2nd, your 6th: Always enjoyable! You can never get too much of this from them, and you appreciate that they guide you in your use of it.
    • Their 3rd, your 7th: When they use it a little, great! Less for you to have to deal with in that area. When they use it a lot, ew. Could you please just not? This area is where power struggles might arise if one dual wants to focus on their 3rd and the other gets irritated.
    • Their 4th, your 8th: D'aww! Adorable! So endearing. <3
    • Their 5th, your 1st: It feels good to be appreciated for something that's so important to you and so easy for you to do. You never expect others to be good at this, but you do expect them to be receptive to your input.
    • Their 6th, your 2nd: They love to do this, but they do need direction, and they're happy to accept it. They're also happy to put a lot of energy into things related to this area and find it rewarding when they succeed. It's nice to be able to delegate tasks to them on occasion and simply provide any necessary oversight.
    • Their 7th, your 3rd: It seems strange that they can get away with only focusing on this area when and if they please. It feels like there are things related to this that unfortunately just have to be done sometimes, but they seem to disagree. They're happy to let you do it when you want to as long as they don't think it's causing any problems and you don't expect them to do more than they're already doing.
    • Their 8th, your 4th: When something blows up in your face due to an oversight or error in this area, they make you feel like you're not a terrible person for it. They're happy to just take over this for you when possible, and you're happy to let them!
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    Hehe cute. Ok lemme try

    • Their 1st, your 5th: It's like crack. Once you're used to this you never want to go back. Your radar for it becomes sharper, in other non-dual relationships you realize how much you need it.
    • Their 2nd, your 6th: How does your dual do this? You want to be like them. You are awed by their effortless, creative use of this function and are eager to impress them with your own efforts.
    • Their 3rd, your 7th: You notice two things about your dual here, one that they are bad at it, two that they unnecessarily use it, in place of their stronger and more attractive 1st function. This is fine most of the time, because you don't care about this area and aren't willing to take over matters for other people here, but if their 3rd begins to oppress you, your 7th function function involuntarily comes out, to restrain them. As much as possible though you only silently observe their 3rd function without making any "noise" yourself.
    • Their 4th, your 8th: You can't help but love your dual for their complete retardedness in this area. They use it in a very "naked", raw way that reveals their inexperience, as well as their sensitivity. Unconsciously you adapt to them here and protect them from painful information, even at a high cost to yourself.
    • Their 5th, your 1st: Your dual signals in a million ways that they want this, and you are happy to oblige, simply by being yourself. They really want it, though, when you don't provide they become defensive via their 3rd function.
    • Their 6th, your 2nd: They value this, you value this. They love when you use it, so you use it more in their presence, which maintains your base. Your manipulative use of this function, as opposed to their rigid and inert use of it, however, sometimes causes conflicts.
    • Their 7th, your 3rd: You're not sure about the allowable social limits in this area, but your dual doesn't worry about them, their own use of it is unselfconscious, automatic. With them you become confident too, even competitive.
    • Their 8th, your 4th: Your dual never hurts you here, in fact they exaggerate this function for your benefit, to protect and soothe you. You feel safe around them.
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