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    Default Energy behind words

    Sometimes you can read something that would have been totally boring to you otherwise(because of the subject matter), but feel the energy behind the words and know it as yours. Personally, I respond well to things that are balanced between calm and impassioned, willing to go beyond the obvious, and dedicated to stepping outside of what is accepted or known to find a better path. I think whether you perceive this "energy" has something to do with the Constructive/Emotive Reinin dichotomy, but I'd like to know your experience instead.

    Do you read mediocre books for the "energy" behind their words or do you only read books that are well-polished and show skill? If you do notice a sort of energy influencing you, what kind of energy is this? If you prefer to read well-polished books, what do you think about people that read books for the sake of what I'm describing?

    Other random related thoughts are of course encouraged.

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    I've noticed that I have a very hard time reading things that are organized in a categorical way. I think reading Jung is the hardest for me and I type him SLE for Se and Ti are pretty darn hard for me to read because when I read that structure I say "ok this has this but not that" I'm not saying he's a bad writer, no the writing is exceptional and polished. All of them are, however the ones that are not dry and involve family, love, humor, something that flows is best. Dynamic. Easier Dumas I would say, I type him SEI so Si with Fe. A great read for me is SLI author David Sedaris. Dynamic types that are writers I do well with because the writing plays fluidly in my head as though it were a movie. I have hard time with the choppiness of Static writers.

    I know only one LSE writer and he's a translator of poetry lol. So, he's not writing but translating so I don't know how my dual's writing comes through. When it comes to emotional expression my dual cousin needs to express feelings of love she often breaks down into tears so yeah I like feelings of love.
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