Hi @Galen

I'm trying to use psychmorph to create stimuli for a psych experiment. What i have are 6 images (happy, neutral and sad expressions for a male and a female).

what i am trying to create is a selection of composites ( so 30 images between happy and neutral, or sad and neutral expression)

I have delineated the faces, here is my average list-
m_sad.png m_sad.tem
m_neutral.png m_neutral.tem
m_happy.png m_happy.tem
f_sad.png f_sad.tem
f_neutral.png f_neutral.tem
f_happy.png f_happy.tem

now im at a real loss of what to do next as i don't want an average of all those images just 30 images between:
m_sad - m_neutral
m_happy - m_neutral
f_sad - f_neutral
f_happy - f_neutral

the images were collected from a psych facial stimuli database (karolinska) so are already similarly formatted. My question is how do i get these transformations?

really pushed for times so any help would be ENORMOUSLY appreciated. THANKs