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Thread: Question about "Hidden Agenda" HA

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    Default Question about "Hidden Agenda" HA

    did the idea of the hidden agenda originate with this article: ?

    or is it a fundamental part of socionics? i ask because i haven't read it anywhere in official socionics sources, like ausra's writings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by William View Post
    Hmm, perhaps I have found the source after all. "Hidden Agenda" was the name Mr. "Sergei Ganin" gave to the mobilizing function. "Sergei Ganin is the owner of, the first (since 1997) and most visited site on socionics on the web." CHECK OUT THIS LINK HERE, CONCRETEBUTTERFLY

    Wow, thankyou for that. so it has no official sanction, it was just introduced by one guy who coincidentally also wrote those (imo) garbage articles on VI of the types. still, hidden agenda isn't an altogether inappropriate name for the mobilizing function. it does tend to be acquired in the manner of a hidden agenda. how disturbing that it has taken root in many socionics forums, even this one, as something more than one random guy's interpretation, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by William View Post
    I'm still in the corner slashing my wrists, for unknowingly helping to propagate this garbage.

    Thank you for making this thread.
    haha well it's not so bad, like I said "hidden agenda" does sort of describe it. let's use this thread to define this function clearly, and lessen the chances of future misunderstandings.

    • Function 6mobilizing function. This is a weak and unconscious function which one often understands poorly. Nonetheless, this function has a strong influence over one's actions. Individuals requires assistance from someone who uses it confidently in order to understand it. Often an individual is only aware that they are totally unaware of how to use this function. At the same time, it's 2D function, so it's capable of collecting a number of easy receipts for daily needs. Being successful in aspects of this function makes one happy and motivated. (That's why it's called mobilizing.)
    i'll try to find more..

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