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Thread: Comparative relations INFj and ISFj

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    Default Comparative relations INFj and ISFj


    When I think of ISFj I have this someone who is a little like me on the inside but very different as social presentation . I don't know many ISFjs and I spent much more time on the NF forums online . I don't know much about this type. I have a cousin I type ISFj and I had a boss once . For me they 're like sexy divas who keep their feelings under wraps like me but are not dreamy and sensible like INFjs . My boss was very secretive and she had her few people surrounding her . You understood she doesn't trust and tests people a lot and she can be punishing and cruel when needed . I looked like an angel that is gentle and compassionate next to her . She threatened my work mates to get things done then when she had the result she was kind and nice , so cute and intriguing.

    I don't have many stories of my own . I never dated an ISfj. Never shared life experiences and lessons. I like my cousin and my boss , mby for they had what I didn't , the and they are like a more sociable and tough me . ISfjs is more present in the moment and cares about beauty ( concrete and physical ) and the senses more . Fashion , trends , pop culture ... I and other INfjs find interest in global , more philosophical and historical issues about humanity . Can you talk about deeper things with this type ??

    In this thread I welcome you to tell me more about this comparative relation . Funny for me ISFj is like a cross between INFp and Estp . It's not easy to read but it can be scary and intense like they don't have any Fi .
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