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    “What they need to do really, I think, is find their own title,” — George Jones when asked about Taylor Swift and other young stars

    “I’d rather sing a sad song than eat,” — George Jones

    “Be real about what you do. Stay true to the voice inside you. Don’t let the “business” change what it is you love because the people, the fans, respond to what is heartfelt. They can always tell when a singer is faking it.” — George Jones

    “Country music to me is heartfelt music that speaks to the common man. It is about real life stories with rather simple melodies that the average person can follow. Country music should speak directly and simply about the highs and lows of life. Something that anyone can relate to.” — George Jones

    "I like people who are loyal to me, and I like to be loyal, too."

    "I want to reach the point where people hear my name and immediately think of real country music."

    "I'm a country singer. I love all kinds of music, but country is where my loyalty lies. That's just me and what I do, and I'm not going to change it."

    "I'm always looking for great songs, and not being much of a songwriter, I depend on great songwriters to send them to me. I go through tons of stuff, and sometimes you just find material that kind of fits and becomes something special."

    "I used to do a lot of interviews in the early '80s, when my career started, but it came to a point when I decided I didn't want to talk anymore, and people kind of understood that and left me alone."

    "We work hard when we're in the studio, but then when we take our breaks, we walk outside and look around."

    "You've got to keep the stage world and your real world separated or you're headed for trouble."

    "I get asked sometimes 'What's the highlight of my career?' because I've been doing it for so long, and I always have a hard time coming up with something, because so many good things have happened."

    "Maybe some folks are alcoholics and others are just voluntary drunks. Maybe some folks drink due to body chemistry and others due to their lazy characters. Maybe some have drinking problems, while others have problems enough to drink."

    "There are questions I'm still not wise enough to answer, just wise enough to no longer ask."

    "Loneliness is lessened when you're lonely by choice."

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    He's the type Jim Carrey is. ILE-Ne amirit.

    lol “I’d rather sing a sad song than eat" (undualized Ne)

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