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Thread: Rainbow Speakers Judges Your Music

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    Default Rainbow Speakers Judges Your Music

    The Rainbow Speakers are here to put an end to those heated arguments of what is bad music. Those "debates" go no where as even if you're totally right and it is good music and the other person is just tone deaf/close-minded/dumb, the other person can simply throw out "well that's just your opinion maaan." What can you say to that? After all, listening to music is such a personal experience so of course it's interpretation will be subjective and judging other music will be corrupted by bias. But, surely, surely there's something you can use to get that other guy to stfu.

    And that's where the Rainbow Speakers come in! Where people are flip floppy and unreliable and biased, the cold, hard logic of the machine stands firm. The Machine is unbiased. The Machine is unemotional. The Machine is smart, accurate, and logical in a way no human can be. There is no questioning the Rainbow Speakers. So let's put it through its paces! I'll start with one of the classical masterpieces. Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Let's see what The Machine thinks of it.

    Uh oh. The Rainbow Speakers are thoroughly unimpressed. Beethoven's got a few blips in there but all in all The Machine is thoroughly unimpressed. Looks like history needs a bit of rewriting! Let's try something a bit more recent for our next test.

    Beethoven eat your heart out. The Rainbow Speaker's got a much different idea on what the true masterpieces are. But, could The Machine simply be discriminating by age? Could The Machine, in all it's modern audacity, be biased against the ancient times? Surely not! To silence the skeptics, however, I will run a test on a song that's ancient in pop culture terms.

    It loves it! It loves it! Having to look at all these pics closely, I noticed the way the lights jump around is actually slightly different for the songs even though they're from the same genre. Who knew the Rainbow Speakers would have such nuance. Understand such subtle. Next up, something a bit different.

    Hmm. The Rainbow Speakers aren't all that impressed by trance. It's rocking it midway but has trouble keeping it up. Still, not as far down in the mucks as Beethoven. Alright, one last very important test. This one is a test on The Machine itself. (The Beatles - Ticket to Ride. Did you know there's a max of 4 videos you can embed in a single post? I didn't know.)

    Phew! I was actually sweating bullets for this test. I mean, if it fails the Beatles of all people I'd just have to chuck it right in the trash. It's either not calibrated right or it's going the way of HAL 9000. Either way, no good.

    Anyway, that's it for me for today. If any of you have any requests, I can send your songs through the guantlet as well. I'll rig up the entire set up again. Just for you.

    - Readings from the Rainbow Speakers do not necessarily represent the views of the Thread Starter.
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