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    he has that look that i (secretly) call "Ni constipation".

    so that. some XIE maybe.

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    I agree that he looks Ni creative. He might be EIE. I don't know that I see him as logical.

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    EIE probably? I really want to know his type, because he reminds me of a certain type of douchey guys I've met that I was never able to type - I thought they were some weird wimpy SEE subtype

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    Extroverted limp Ni

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    He is undoubtedly 100% a feeler type. Like in the interview linked here I see him helping out keeping the crowd engaged, keeping the energy up, rather than just leaving that entire burden on the host. Maybe even a little some of when he talked about his time at Google? But I didn't get enough just from this interview so I went looking for others. And boy did I feel like I hit the jackpot when I found one where these 3 black peeps ganged up on him. He was so good! He not only navigated through the minefield topic of rising as a white artist in a black dominated genre, he also helped contribute to the discussion of why White Rappers hate each other and the interrelation dynamics going on there. I don't think a logical type couldn't done what he did. Unless my concept of them is completely off, there's just no way. Feeler for sure.

    The other question is if he's rational or irrational. This one's kinda tricky to figure out just looking at videos. Cause being 'chill' is a, uh, cultural value (don't know a better word for that). To be cool you need to be chill. And that's especially true in the hip hop seen. From what I understand rational types they tend to have stiff, linear movements, and trying to be 'chill' will get in the way of trying to get that read. I'm not going to get anything definitive from vids. Wikipedia it is then.

    From what I can parse from the clusterfuck that is wikipedia, he puts out content fairly consistently. Each year coming out with another album. His work ethic seems very rational to be as well. "For today I need to get together with so-and-so and get this and this and this done before I can call it good. Same thing same time next week." On a side note he seems to be putting effort to connect with his fans in a similar way to Taylor Swift. Hmm. Anyway, from what I can tell, I'd say he's a rational type.

    ESE or EIE? Alpha or Beta? Si/Ne or Se/Ni? I have to admit. I'm really biased towards this guy being Beta cause he looks like the spitting image of another person I've identified as Beta. But, I'm going to try to be impartial as possible.

    I'm having a hard time detecting anything definitive on the Alpha/Beta divide in his interviews. The interviewers don't seem to be asking the right kind of questions for that. I can only really see Feeling for sure. I'm going to have to go to the source. His music. Now, I can pick almost any of his music vids and make a very, um, simplistic case for Beta. But, I'm going to choose the worst case scenario. Hoodie Allen - You Are Not A Robot. Cutesy chorus and adorable little kids in the best halloween costumes. Could Se/Ni possibly shine through in that kinda environment? Let's find out!

    You've been acting awful tough lately
    Smoking a lot of cigarettes lately
    But inside, you're just a little baby

    (Drop it)

    It's okay to say you've got a weak spot (It's Hoodie Allen)
    You don't always have to be on top (What up Marina)
    Better to be hated than love, love, loved for what you're not (You know how we do)

    They telling me to take the safe route but this the detour
    Hoodie baby you ain't seen a kid like this before
    Late night shoe-in for the moon like Warren
    Them hits come out soon as you hit record
    Born in America, Chevy and Ford
    But these Greek ladies lovin me they sayin he's foreign
    Floored em, glued The crowd down by their boot straps
    Came up on the scene so quick you think we was a news cast
    Well news flash, I can see through that
    People try to hide what's on their mind like a do rag
    Never would I do that I'm a real fuckin hustler
    You be in the background making noise like a muffler
    But if it doesn't kill me it makes me tougher
    And that's a message that I pass onto my brother
    You never gonna really make a difference til you suffer
    But we passed that now it's time to smash that, thunder

    This is admittedly a weakness of mine. But, I'm going to try to analyze these lyrics. Hmm. Mhmm. Huh. I see. Okay then! I don't see anything that looks like Fi but that's a given. Se or Si though? I'm seeing more of what I identify with Se. Literal, physical actions. Winning/losing being on top. Nothing there really creates, um, sensations like I would expect from Si language. It's more concrete and definitive. Just my 2 cents. But, again, like I said, this is a weakness of mine. Time for the true final test!

    A long while back Starfall invited me into the Beta Enclave. And... uh. Holy fuck. lol. I was waaaaay out of my depth. And I try to imagine William or Cracka in that same spot. I don't think they would exactly thrive in that environment either lol. But what about Hoodie Allen? Well... cruising the internets looking for more material on him I found a clip where I believe he was naked holding down another fully clothed rapper in da party van. All laughing and having a great time. Even if that wasn't Hoodie Allen I can totally see him doing that. And I feel like he'll probably have been just fine in the Beta Enclave


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    His eyes are interesting. He looks like a really masculine nerd or something, like he looks how I picture zap would be if he was more macho/'bad ass' or something.

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