Hey! I had an account on here a few months ago titled InAFishbowl, but after I sorta forgot about the forums and my password and my e-mail changed, I figured it was better just to get a new account.

I'm a chatterbox and likely Alpha NT. I've got a healthy bit of the Member Questionnaire written up for a more thorough analysis of my type, and will probably post it very soon, after fixing a few things.

I've got two concerns about that questionnaire, though:
1. Is there a limit to the length? My answer to questions like "what is beauty" tends to turn into an essay, so it's gonna be kinda long.
2. I've got a few mental health hiccups (depression and anxiety), which may affect some of the answers on the questionnaire. Will this prevent correct typing?

Whatever the case, I'm happy to see the forums once more.