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Thread: Why the polr is weak

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    Default Why the polr is weak

    Maybe the polr is only weak because of the variability of the creative function. If the creative function were fixed, then the polr would also become fixed in relation to it and gain strength

    for example if iee had the same attitude towards something all the time, likely their internal logic would become consistent too, building upon the consistent attitude

    but since their attitude changes, then their logic would change too to support the new attitude

    its like the polr backs the creative function but cannot do it effectively because the creative is constantly drawing upon new information coming in through the base

    Like the iee intuits more options which get judged as good or bad, and their logic shifts accordingly

    But if the iee ignored other options, and focused only on their existing attitude then that attitude would become solid and the corresponding logic would sharpen around it, using it as a kind of foundation

    Another example the Sei with base si is constantly feeling sensations which change his emotional state and affects his working efficiency. But if his sensations were ignored then his emotions would stay the same and his working efficiency would quickly improve

    its like the creative functions variability makes the polr weak, because it keeps looping attention away from the polr and back into the creative

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    yeah its related to creative function. the creative is the equivalent of the PoLR that refuses to take the PoLR function's shortcuts. so it walks around with false theories for long periods of time that the PoLR function could disprove in a heartbeat by applying said shortcut.

    (the way I like to explain it though, the creative function is a presence and the PoLR an absence, so as I see it the PoLR function's absence leads to vulnerability of the person's Creative function to other people's use of the PoLR function in whom it is present)
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    The main problem I really have with Te is that it often feels incomplete, kinda sketchy to me, if it goes against what I feel or "know" inside to be true. I have found it pointless to argue with Te types in the past and I am not eager to go down that road again anytime soon. I did hold my own for awhile but it was exhausting and sometimes I just can't fight against someone's logic just as they can't fight against my feelings/knowings. I prefer to interact with those types on mutual interests and not to go too deep into trying to get them to understand me. Most often I avoid strong Te types since I can feel dismissed in their presence. I do have some Te based friends though and it is always interesting. I suppose it is related to my creative function.

    Edit: I just laughed at remembering asking a Te-er once why they just couldn't feel what I was trying to get them to feel. I didn't get why they didn't get it. I was approaching it all wrong. I have been scolded by people and told I let my emotions get in the way of my logic and that is how I lose a debate.
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