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Thread: Activity Relationship - Positives and Negatives

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    Default Activity Relationship - Positives and Negatives

    If you are lucky enough to have identified an Activity relationship with someone, please describe the positives and the negatives.

    Here are the positives and negatives of my relationship with my SLE friend:

    - She gets stuff done.
    - She likes my ideas.
    - She knows what I am talking about.
    - She is funny in a different way from me.
    - She is one of my few Beta friends and she accepts me and helps me feel like I am not insane for my Beta thoughts in our Delta world.
    - Sometimes she makes me do things that I need to do that I can't make myself do.
    - She is game for anything.
    - She rarely gets tired or hungry.
    - Nothing throws her.
    - She is flexible.
    - She is young at heart.
    - She is loyal.

    - She can act impulsively.
    - She doesn't open up enough in conversations.
    - Sometimes she undercuts my control-freakish plans.
    - She very occasionally makes little Fi errors.
    - Sometimes she doesn't need my help when I would have enjoyed helping her.
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    @Iris, my son has a longtime EIE good close friend. She would probably say these things of him that you said of your SLE friend.

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