On the development of society (Gulenko)
VV Gulenko , Kiev, 26 12 91

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The laws of social progress interested me since 1986.

It was then that the idea that the rhythms of human history, "the birth, rise and fall of states and civilizations, the pace of economic and social development, cultural epochs" subject to certain cyclical regularities. This hypothesis is, of course, not new. However, previous researchers did not have socionics unit of analysis, which I drew when I found the explanation of these cycles in the universal nature of sotsionicheskikh models [4]. This conclusion is largely clarified for me a picture of the development of society, but not to the end. Confused by the fact that nobody really paid attention to the fact that the helix can not only to unwind, but also twist. Furthermore, what makes the story deviate from the straight path? Where is the force that causes the acceleration? How to distinguish the horizontal movement of society from the vertical? Satisfactory answer to the question about the causes of uneven historical development was not.

This whole bundle of contradictions led me to the necessity of relying on intuition and previous years of experience sotsionicheskikh studies highlight in a single stream of time, several independent rhythms of "internal undercurrents of the historical process. Was conducted peculiar harmonic analysis of a complex trajectory of social movements.

The catalyst for this work was a practical necessity to issue forecasts and informed policy analysis in the national press and on the radio behavior of real political figures of Ukraine. [8] The result was a complete concept analysis of the socio-political processes. In this article, we'll discuss the basic laws, which describes the full range of its problems.

The first law socioprogress - quadra

I came to the conclusion that squares "is a stable temporal Socion group, is a carrier of the spirit and the core values ​​of a particular historical epoch. This means that members of her sotsiotipy exhibit unidirectional social activity in the same period of time. [3] Note that the requirement of unity of space for optional quadra: kvadraly can exhibit synchronous social activity, being on a completely different sections of society. They can divide the space, but not time. Each quadra is strictly secured her social mission in history. [5] "Messianism" blocks is shown as follows:

The first squares (alpha) "is the Illuminator, who create and distribute in society fundamentally new ideas of social development.
Second squares (beta) "is VOPLOTITELI that implement the new system, creating a corresponding organizational structures.
Third squares (gamma) "is a reformer, which remove accumulated in the previous step contradictions through criticism of mistakes and reform of rigid structures.
Fourth squares (delta) "is a perfector, which brought the original, but the idea of a reformed to exhaustion by improving its organizational implementation in all areas.
In any society takes an objective process of structuring time "quadra on a specific pattern:

Illuminator "" "" -----> VOPLOTITELI |
(New round) |
| | "" "" - Perfector <---------- Reformer
This trend emerges more clearly than the larger time scale of society we take. Most global ethnogenetic cycle investigated in detail L. Gumilev. According to his theory, in the life of any ethnic group differ following stages:

The first phase of "ethnicity or ethnic group forms a social structure and strengthens them, and in this period, some states are destroyed and created others, often committed Migrations. Meets quadra voplotiteley.
The second stage of "split, strife, the emergence of warring religious, political and social trends," Time of Troubles ". Meets quadra reformers.
The third phase of "social situation stabilizes, there is a rapid development of science and technology, production and trade. Meets quadra perfectors.
The fourth stage of "needs, wealth, patronage, waste of resources, the beginning of the decline, the proliferation of new theories and beliefs. Meets quadra educators.
Examples. Crisis boyar rule and the spread of Western European influence in the seventeenth century. "" "> The creation of the Russian Empire by Peter I" ""> era of palace revolutions "" ">" golden "age of the Russian nobility under Catherine II. Dissemination of Marxism in the Russian Empire" ""> Bolshevism and the establishment of the Soviet state "" "> restructuring and the collapse of the USSR "" "> ?.

The second law socioprogress "intraquadral crisis transitions

If the first law socioprogress, revealing the main directions of the objective movement of society, posits the inevitability of changing its priority values, the second law indicates a more subtle mechanism of this process. As history shows, the transition from one era to the era of the other quadra usually done in steps "quickly and dramatically. This race is usually associated with the death of a ruler and a complete change of his team to monitor the situation on the ground. As intraquadral areas of development, Here attention is drawn to the gradual, but open and obvious mounting contradictions. Though this kind of crisis and is not associated with global upheavals and leaving the arena of generations, but can lead to a dramatic confrontation between the parties (the situation of dual power).

Crisis areas characterized by economic history, and often political disturbances that occur in the context of breaking stereotypes. During these periods, the internal attenuation often occur and the conquest of some other states or territories.

This phenomenon was able to explain after the opening of initial and terminal options personality types [6].

Initially sotsiotipy are highly efficient operations at the beginning of a solution to a problem. Initiate "means to start a business, bringing it out of balance.

Terminal same sotsiotipy more effective in the final stage of the decision problem. Terminate "means completing the deal, leading to a state of equilibrium.

These two branches socioprogress I called at the time the ascending and descending. [7] Intraquadral contradictions, I explain the collision of initial and terminal of its representatives.

If initially quadra not yet exhausted its energy resources, and the beginning of the bus termination due to, say, the numerical superiority of terminal subtypes have sought to make the system balance and stability, it creates divisions and competition between them is inevitable. These periods I call intraquadral crisis transitions (WCP).

What is the effect on the separation of initial and terminal options intertype relations? "Apparently, in the framework of solving the problem dyad, when the distance is close to the communication, the maximum effect is achieved by the interaction of an initial sociotypes with the terminal, and within the broader group task when communicative distance increases, the effective interaction of the initiator with the initiator and terminator terminator.

Thus, the terminal quadra dominate the equilibrium, stable, downstream areas of progress, and in the areas of non-equilibrium, turbulent, rising main role initially quadra. WCP "is the most vulnerable point of progress, an initial collision and the terminal began, during which it is possible intervention of a third force. Temporal rhythm of history is complicated by acquiring the following form:

INL INL ter ter
ter ter INL INL
Perfector Reformer
First drew attention to these subcycle Russian scientist "economist H. Kondratyev, who described the alternation of upward and downward waves in global markets. [9] Examples of the CPSU:

Fragmentation of Kievan Rus' into separate principalities under ter> inl led to the Mongol conquest, interrupting the natural cycle of the ethnic group;
The putsch of August 1991 and the actual transfer of power from Gorbachev to Yeltsin;
Socionics, being chronologically within quadra educators, hit the CPSU (the struggle of different schools), that not only complicates its practical implementation, but also threatens the intervention and the absorption of the other theory.
The third law socioprogress "turnover energogrupp

First two laws reveal the objective side of progress in society, but does not answer the question, due to what is going on. Our latest research touched exactly the problem. So where does the energy for social change? Power operation Socion t. E. Production and consumption of energy in it, carried out by the formation, activation and turnover of energy groups.

Energy Group, better known in the literature as sotszakaza rings formed on the axes left / right and extroverts / introverts. Right "progressive" direction of social progress is called evolution , and left "an abrupt acceleration" involution . Process(Evolyutory) type have a formula sociotypes before the first function "+" sign, and Result(involyutory) type "sign" - ". Example, sensory-ethical extravert + FR" evolyutorov and sensory-logical extrovert -F + L "Result(involyutory) type [6, 7].

Energy groups are formed as follows:

Surfer | tow truck
extra "" "" --------- | --------------- intro
Fighter | Armero
Result(involyutory) type introverts , or Armero, "sotsiotipy those who" twist the spring "socioprogress, energy is extracted for further movement, arming the next group with everything necessary for a breakthrough (Eng. armourer" gunsmith). These include SCIENTIST (LII), QUESTOR (IEI), CONSERVATOR (ESI) and ARTISAN (SSI).

Note. We use the American names sociotypes D. Keirsey [2].

Result(involyutory) type extrovert , or a fighter, "are those sotsiotipy, which manifest themselves as the most active, energetic, punching against a fundamentally new beginnings (Eng. fight" to fight). All of them have the function of an offensive willed sensory «-F». This directional flow of energy of concentrated previous group Armero. By fighters are SELLER (ESE), PROMOTOR (SLE), FIELDMARSHAL (LIE) and JOURNALIST (IEA).

Process(Evolyutory) type extrovert , or a surfer, is a sotsiotipy those that are brought to the surface of the social movement of the previous stormy wave (ang. surface "surface.) They do not produce energy and are not energy, but are able to send it in the right direction. Among them, more often there are preachers of ideas that explain overdue dissatisfaction or politics, pop-up at the expense of skills govo upgraded from a name of the masses, nations or individual social strata. This group includes INVENTOR (ILE), PEDAGOGUE (EIE), ENTERTAINER (SEE) and ADMINISTRATOR ( FEL). distinctive feature of the surfers' ability to stay on the "crest of the wave" of successfully defending mastered the position because of the defensive function willed sensory «+ F».

Process(Evolyutory) type introverts , or tow truck, "those sotsiotipy that dissipate the energy of a social movement, clearing the area for further developments (Eng. evacuate" export; empty; pumped). Their distinguishing feature of "striving to extinguish emotional outbursts, to smooth out one way or another critical periods. To Tow trucks are ARTIST (SEI), TRUSTEE (LSI), ARCHITECT (OR) and AUTHOR (EII). Described alternation energogrupp cycle can be represented as follows:

A P M E R S "" "" -----> Fighter
a new cycle |
| |
| | "" Tow truck <---------- surfers
An example of this rhythm. Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev (Recovery) ""> Gorbachev Hazarbaev Sobchak (surfers) "" "> Kravchuk, Yeltsin Khasbulatov (fighters).

The fourth law socioprogress "mechanism of social struggle

This law answers the question why the story develops unevenly "is accelerating, then slowing down, and why quadra energogruppy and replaced it in a straight line (alpha" beta "gamma" delta), the reverse (alpha "delta" gamma "beta) scheme . The fact that the historical progress of the objective tendencies except acts more human free will. More Kant showed that the pattern of history "is largely a matter of scale applied to it. If the scale is large, then come first objective laws. But if the scale is small, the stable trends are blurred and begins to dominate the will of individuals or just a coincidence.

The subjective factor of history has the power in nature. Those outstanding individuals who correctly assessed the situation and calculate the forces and managed to pick up a cohesive team of his supporters, a significant potential to change the course of history. Socionics from this point of view "is one way to stand above history, subordinate it to the objective tendencies of its subjective purpose. How police formed a group? Method of selection of the" partition Socion four axes of the evolution / involution and static / dynamic. And the name of the last couple of signs, as experience has shown sotsionicheskikh training, was not very successful. We use in their practice names centripetal (statics) and centrifugal (speakers).

This name change is easy to understand when you consider the fact that their efforts statics form a dense central core of the team, and the speakers tend to work largely on external changeable contacts. As a result, as if there is separation into a dense inner core (towards the center) and the movable shell (towards the periphery).

Here is how the formation of power groups known in the literature under the name rings more sotsrevizii:

Process(Evolyutory) type
centripetal | centrifugal "" "" --------- | ------------
stremi- | WIDE
tional II | I
Result(involyutory) type
The first group of "centripetal Result(involyutory) type. It includes SCIENTIST (LII), PROMOTOR (SLE), CONSERVATOR (ESI) and JOURNALIST (IEA). Power blow this group has always directed to the center, the heart, in the main bastion of the opposing factions. It can be arbitrarily called the group by storm.

The second group of "centrifugal Result(involyutory) type. To it belong sotsiotipy SELLER (ESE), QUESTOR (IEI), FIELDMARSHAL (LIE) and ARTISAN (SSI). Power specialization of this group" shot on the flanks. It is not as strong in the concentrated onslaught, but mobile in their actions, easily reconstructed on the new direction of the attack.

The third group of "centrifugal Process(Evolyutory) type. It includes ARTIST (SEI), PEDAGOGUE (EIE), ARCHITECT (OR) and ADMINISTRATOR (FEL). sotsiotipy These are the most successful in the power of evolution providing" intelligence and counterintelligence, collection and processing of information about the disposition of forces and the availability of funds.

The fourth group of "centripetal Process(Evolyutory) type. It consists of cotsiotipov INVENTOR (ILE), TRUSTEE (LSI), ENTERTAINER (SEE) and AUTHOR (EII). Their specialization" "fortification", the construction of fortifications and maintaining order and morale in the defended area . This group can be conditionally called GARHIZOHOM.

The first and second power group (frontal and flank attack), linked to each other in a double ring structure to form the following involution :

IEI SLE involutional ring LIE ESI
LII ESE social progress IEA SFI
General characteristics of involutional rings: able to slow down or speed up the course of history, and, perhaps, reverse; effectively in crisis situations, different aggressiveness and sharpness; has a tendency to isolation, the formation of opposing organizations; pluralistic and multiform. Symbolizes the vertical movement of the society.

Coupling the second and third power groups (Garrison and Intelligence) gives a double ring of the evolution of the following structure:

OR SEE Evolution FEL EII
PWD EE ring social progress ILE SEI
General characteristics of the evolution of the ring: With a traditional, the desire to "go with the flow" of the historical process, taking advantage of his outbursts; effectively operates in a smooth and gradual development; opponents of radical ruptures, police manifestation of a defensive character, returns the system to its original state; tends to unity and integrity, totalitarian and odnoukladno. Symbolizes the horizontal movement of society. As practice has shown our work with enterprises and companies, based on a newly formed ring socioprogress always falls triad sociotypes, which is constructed by the dual pair + auditor / customer. It is also possible dual pair podrevizny + / podzakazny. Power reviznye links are even stronger than the dual. In any case, the strength of their unity above.

The reason for this, in our opinion, is that the dual pair "is a delicate balance sociotypes, which is supported and secured by an external force in the same direction, but a social problem. Due to this, it is possible not only regeneration of strength and specialization of actions that corresponds to the objective side socioprogress but conscious change speed or direction of effort, which indicates the presence of subjective free will in the group.

As a result, it must be concluded that the minimum unit socioprogress "is a triad, which has in its composition a dual pair and its auditor / client.

Examples of triads socioprogress. Kravchuk (SLE) "Ivy (LIE)" Fokin (ESI). Gorbachev (SEE) "Lukyanov (LSI)" Pavlov (EII).

Now fashin. The historical process is objective and subjective sides. The objective side is described by the first two laws "quadra and intraquadral crisis transitions. Subjective side socioprogress described by two other laws" energogrupp turnover and formation of the rings of power, which determine the direction of the main "strike".


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