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    Default Test for Temperament (Meged)

    The test for determining temperaments

    Author - Valentina Meged

    From four character descriptions below, select the one that best suits you. Its serial number will correspond to the name of your master temperament (see. Key to the test). Since pure temperaments are rare descriptions of the remaining select another that suits you to a greater extent than others. His number will fit your extra temperament.

    1 I - an energetic and assertive, not always in control of my emotions. If you get angry, then calm down immediately. Doing their work energetically and with full dedication, on extraneous things not digress. Straightforward in business and in relationships. Even the most difficult obstacles to overcome prefer, rather than crawl.

    2 I - calm and balanced person, I am very hard to ruffle. By the nature of patient, I can wait. Slow to adapt to the new situation. In the case delved deeply, work slowly, step by step moving in the direction you do not like to be distracted from their main employment.

    3 - Human flexible and dynamic, always looking for a variety of external impressions. While easily excited, but just as quickly, and calm down. Prefer to expand its range of contacts and easily switch from one session to another. Do not, under any circumstances, do not be discouraged, I can find a way out of any situation.

    4 - Human sensitive and volatile, highly depend on its internal state. It is easy to get upset over nothing and did not calm down. Because of the fine susceptibility given me peace of mind to work, so I need emotional support from loved ones. On my mood swings outsiders difficult to guess.

    The key to the test:

    1 - 3 choleric - sanguine

    2 - 4 phlegmatic - melancholy

    Describe the types of temperaments

    1. Sanguine - emotional and has good workability. He quickly oriented in an unfamiliar environment, enterprising, optimistic, in a short time is included in the team, creates around itself a positive climate, relatively easy to experiencing failure. However, it avoids the problems of acute, often simplifies tasks.

    2. phlegmatic - calm, even in the most difficult situations, unruffled, stable and consistent in his endeavors and relationships. Adheres to the generated schedule, tends to the system, unhurried and founder. However it is inert slowly switched from one operation to another.

    3. choleric - is fast actions and decisions, frequent mood changes, increased excitability. In the relationship is often too harsh, blunt in the estimates. Often quarrelsome, not able to restrain myself. Has influence on others, moves quickly from one thing to another. Likes to be the center of attention.

    4. melancholic - get tired quickly, unsure of himself, anxious and suspicious. Well versed in the nuances of feelings, cautious and circumspect hide and shy, highly experienced at the slightest provocation. It is difficult to adapt to new people.

    Scheme Eysenck and classification Pavlova we came to the conclusion that the following classification temperamental groups:

    choleric: extrovert, strong, dynamic, emotionally unstable;

    phlegmatic introvert, strong, inert, emotionally stable;

    sanguine: extrovert, strong, dynamic, emotionally stable;

    melancholic introvert, weak, passive, emotionally unstable.

    So, in terms of temperament, a more active temperament choleric and sanguine have, and melancholic and phlegmatic differ somewhat passivity.

    Man belongs to one of four typological temperamental groups can be defined situational - for the reaction, which manifests it as answer any obstacle in his path:

    choleric obstacle sweeps;

    sanguine bypasses;

    phlegmatic often do not even notice;

    melancholic before heading stays.

    Usually, pure temperament is not seen. Each person has a combination of two temperaments, one of which - a master, it is more pronounced. This temperament subtype. Second, the additional most likely - the one that appears on a deeper level, the psycho-physical type - the type of level accents.

    But the constant manifestation of a human life in all cases only the dominant and secondary temperament - the exception rather than the rule. Each person contains all four temperaments, but in different proportions. Each of them comes to the fore, depending on the situation and the magnitude of the psychological distance with other people, and this in turn depends on the nature of the relationship (formal or informal), and the psychological climate (comfort or discomfort).

    Basic dominant temperament manifested at close psychological distance (in familiar surroundings, with family and friends) in the comfort of psychological atmosphere.

    Second in descending order - additional temperament, more evident in the most distant psychological distance - in formal communion with others, often strangers.

    The third type of temperament is manifested in a formal setting, on a distant psychological distance (the official relations with management, employees or partners from other organizations, just strangers). This type of temperament can be called role-playing, as person in such a situation bound by convention, and adapting to society, plays a social role.

    The fourth type of temperament, less often seen in human characteristic of stressful situations or those which are called acts of God (the collapse of the firm and an unexpected layoff, serious illness or death of a loved one, a natural disaster or fire, flood, etc. ). These situations can also classify the state of extreme intoxication or narcotic effects.

    There are four types of temperament in their varieties. For this purpose we use a typology of eight temperaments Le Seine. In our view, it is possible to trace their relationship with the temperaments described above as follows:

    Choleric are of two kinds (of Le Sen): passionate type and a choleric .

    Passionate type - very emotional, active, is not inclined to throw, prefers to concentrate its efforts in the same direction, in need of vigorous activity, without which the accumulated unrealized energy can lead to the same nervous exhaustion as well as a flurry of activity.

    Choleric - resolute man, not thinking about the consequences and often lose a sense of proportion. Freedom-loving, optimistic, often cordial fellowship.

    Phlegmatic (by Le Seine), is - simply phlegmatic and apatiko .

    Phlegmatic - mentally stable, everything counts in advance and is not inclined to waste time on unnecessary, in his view, things and experiences. It can only convince arguments. He is moderately active and can be proactive in that it considers necessary.

    Apatiko - more inert, prefers to perform only the most necessary work that requires a relaxing pace, a systematic approach and order.

    Sanguine (by Le Seine), is - just sanguine and amorphics .

    Sanguine - open to resolve any problems, looks at how to overcome them as a kind of game, so do not take to heart the conflicts can just smooth out misunderstandings.

    Amorphics - nepunktualen and scattered in cases can easily postpone any work for tomorrow, quite careless and not always necessary to their promises.

    Melancholic (of Le Sen) - a sentimental and nervous types.

    Sentimental - sensitive, dreamy, careful, cautious, timid and shy, does not know how to mobilize and often lost in a difficult situation.

    Nervous type - going through at the slightest provocation, is very sensitive and touchy, but can not be prudent. In addition, passivity, when you need to overcome a difficult situation and it may cause him to nervous exhaustion.
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