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Thread: Progression of duality -- your experience?

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    Default Progression of duality -- your experience?

    In a previous incarnation on the forum, I asked about the stages of duality (link). A lot of useful and interesting info came of that thread, but now I'm curious to hear about people's experiences with duality.

    So, what stories do you have?

    In particular...

    How long have you known each other?

    How close are you, and how well do you feel you get along?

    What was your initial impression of your dual, and what was your dual's initial impression of you?

    If your relationship is romantic, how did it begin (or transform, if it started as non-romantic)? And which of you was more interested from the beginning, and who took the lead?

    Any and all information is welcome :-)

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    An LSI married into our family. They live in another state, so I don't see him all that often.

    I have known him about 5 years. When I first met him, I felt he was one of those people that I wouldn't be able to connect with. He seemed a little robotic, abrupt, quiet, inscrutable. I knew from others that he was hard working, athletic, fun, smart and a great person, but none of that helped the stiffness of our interactions. Northern/southern cultural differences probably didn't help.

    A breakthrough moment happened for me when our family was all together at Christmas, taking turns reading old Christmas books aloud. I read one about a homeless family that I have read aloud before.


    I am rather good at reading aloud (EIE-duh,) but my family full of deltas and gammas usually just listens quietly, not giving much of a reaction. After I finished reading, there was the usual polite (Fi) silence. Then the LSI blurted out, "I almost cried three different times while you were reading that." It was so transparent, and it blew me away that he wasn't embarrassed to say that in a room full of people he didn't know very well.. It really made me consider him differently. And it was such a unique thing to have someone respond strongly to my reading of a book that means a lot to me.

    Since then, on the rare occasions that we meet, I am always delighted by the resonance in our conversations, and the way he appreciates things that I say. He always puts music on when I visit, and he will have lots of songs that I like on his playlist. I always remark about how much I am enjoying the music, and you can see how much he likes that. We had to close up a rented beach house together one time, and it blew me away that he was so attentive to what I needed done. And he was so swift and effective in everything he did. It made the job so much easier. I have heard that he is good at fixing things, as well. He likes to tell me about his hobbies, and his dreams for his career, and I love to hear about it and encourage him to pursue those things, which he likes. It is really a nice relationship.

    Since we meet infrequently, he always seems a little stiff at first, when we meet again. Then I ask him about his work, and all of the stiffness leaves and we have a great conversation. He is very forthcoming with details that I find interesting. I never feel that I am having to pull information out of him, as I do with some of my IP friends.
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