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Thread: Kacey Lee Musgraves

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    Default Kacey Lee Musgraves

    Kacey Musgraves: LSI-Ti? (Normalizing subtype) [ISTj-INFj or ISTj-ISFj]; or ESI or EII; or she could be a Creative subtype LSI-Se? (ISTj-ESFp or ISTj-ENFp) instead of LSI-Ti (I'm not too sure about subtype)

    “ . . . Maybe I love you / Maybe I'm just kind of bored / It is what it is ‘til it ain't anymore // We've tried being apart, but the truth is we are who we are / We’re so much alike / It ain't a good thing / Too dumb to give up / Too stubborn to change . . . ‘Til something better comes along / ‘Til whatever we have is gone . . .”

    “. . . Stupid—love is stupid / Don't know why we always do it / Finally find it just to lose it / Always wind up looking stupid . . . I drink to feel / I smoke to breathe / Just look what love has done to me . . .”

    “You sure look real pretty in your glass house / You probably think you’re too good to take the trash out / Well, are you dumb or are you blind? / ‘Cause it’s a real fine line between telling a joke and turning a knife / Don’t wreck my reputation / Let me wreck my own / Step off, step off / Yeah you’re getting too close to me with all your negativity / Just get lost / Just tryna to make a little difference here, so why you gotta interfere? / Just keep climbing that mountain of dirty tricks / When you finally get to the top / Step off, yeah . . .”

    - Robert Christgau:

    Same Trailer Different Park [Mercury, 2013]
    Far be it from me to tear down the finest lyricist to rise up out of conscious country since Miranda Lambert, if not Bobby Pinson himself. But "Merry Go 'Round"--which I liked, year-ended, whole thing--was epochal only by the standards of country radio, which is to say of pusillanimity itself. Already I've gotten to where I can't take the homilies of the lead "Silver Lining," where I see that her label bio proudly quotes the same quatrain that made me go yuck--"If you wanna find the honey/You can't be scared of the bees [OK so far]/If you want to see the forest/You're gonna have to look past the trees [oy]." "Dandelion"? "I Miss You"? Does "pat" mean anything to you? "Precious"? "Pert"? I like the trailer song and love the smoking in Vegas song and am impressed by how strong she closes, four quite distinct tracks climaxing with one in which her homilies risk a tolerance her target market could find intolerable that's topped by "It Is What It Is," in which she screws a guy because no better option is currently presenting itself. But someone up there is telling her she'd better play it safe, and it could be her. A-

    - Interviewer: “Who’s your favorite current pop star? Who do you love?”

    - Kelly Clarkson: “I’m in between Imagine Dragons, Kacey Musgraves, and Florence and the Machine right now. Those are my, probably, top three faves.”

    - Interviewer: “ . . . who’s the middle one?”

    - Kelly Clarkson: “Kacey Musgraves. Oh my god, you’re gonna love it! . . . Her record is like Jagged Little Pill in country music. It’s like, you know, what Alanis [Morissette] did in pop at that time — everything was so pop and nobody talked too deep. And her [Kacey Musgraves’] record is just man! — she just knocked it out of the ball park, it’s amazing.”

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