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Thread: Type/confirm a bunch of my friends

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    Default Type/confirm a bunch of my friends

    Hey! I'm new in the forum, but not new to the socionics. I've thought a lot about typing my friends - with some of them I have a pretty good guess who they are, while with others I have no clue. I'm gonna describe each of my friend briefly and then also talk about who's friends with who, since we all know each other quite well. If you have fun, I may add some more friends for typing.

    1.) R, my boyfriend
    My guess is ILE. The most important thing about him is the fact that he is a writer. He has created a very detailed sci-fi world over the years and he's always looking for the new ideas. His favourite activity is worldbuilding with his friends (usually me or L) or coming up with very different plots. To me it seems like a perfect example of combined Ne+Ti activity. He's very social with friends, even so that I at first thought he had Fe in Ego-block. I also admire his ability to chat with total strangers. But at home he's even more aloof than I am, completely focused on his computer games or tech reviews. And he hates formal events and preplanned parties. He's also really afraid of strong emotions, which is a slightly conflicting aspect in our relationship, since I long for someone to open me up and embrace my built-up emotions. He usually tends to deal with bad mood alone, although he displays anger and frustration more often than I do. He's also a total babe and likes to be spoiled with coffee in the bed and good food in the fridge. Luckily, my Si skills are good enough for those little things. Oh! And he can be a borderline ego-maniac. VERY ambitious.

    2.) L
    Everybody calls him an hero and not even sarcastically. To me he seems too judgmental, to others "always right". He's interested in (political) ideologies and certainly has some kind of ideology himself. His room looks like shit though, he can't clean at all. I should probably say that we used to be really good friends, but something went wrong a few years ago and we've been a bit bitter with each other even since. He likes to help people, do things for them. Recently we were leaving country-side and one of us didn't fit in the car, so instead of agreeing to a game of rock-paper-scissors he offered to go by a bus himself (and it wasn't going to be an easy ride). He's not very ambitious, completely fine with standing in the back and only helping. In social situations he doesn't talk a lot, but not because of shyness, he just thinks very slow and hard. To me he seems like some kind of Se+Fi type, but I may be totally wrong. Ask more questions, if necessary.

    3.) J and K
    J is currently very angry at my boyfriend, cause R managed to ditch his responsibilities (how very ILE and I so totally understand it, haha). They've had conflicts in the past too, after high school they didn't talk to each other for a few years. But before he, my bf and K were like three musketeers together - always having lunches, joking and coming up with bizarre business ideas. J got really serious about those ideas, he's later said that he really despises this kind of useless daydreaming that R does, when he just brainstorms for ideas. J runs a small business and doesn't care for comfort (or any vacations). He gets really really nasty when he's angry, yet he's quite chivalrous in everyday life (gives huge flower bouquets for birthdays, always calls next day when he's afraid that he acted weird last night at the party etc).

    K gets along with both J and R. He adores R (sometimes seems like even more than I do, lol) and J said to me yesterday that he has never before meeting K been able to talk to one person about everything (women, business, literature), so I guess their friendship is good. K is also a writer, his style resembles of Bret Easton Ellis. He is quite famous here, tabloids are always keeping an eye on him. And he's worth it - he's a trixter, always coming up with new tricks and scandals, which can sometimes be almost illegal. He has a lot of women, at the same time. And even more energy - he doesn't stay in one place for more than 20 minutes. He's very alpha in the classical sense and he often makes very aggressive jokes about people who he can't stand for one reason or another. At the same time he's extremely protective of his friends. Also very generous with money. Gets excited about things. Knows how to make things happen. Seems like Se is in his Ego block, but at the same time he really seems to love Ne's spontanity.

    4.) And BONUS! R's ex-girlfriend (aka damn me and my curiosity)
    I can't tell you much about her, but let's try anyway. She's a professional violinist and has been studying in various music schools all her life. She is very ambitious and seems to be self-disciplined and competitive (I guess you have to be in this field). I know she used to get slightly angry at R, cause he spent too much time playing computer games and too little time writing his book. She had very strict views about relationships, which I think is what tore them apart in the end. She was jealous. R has told me she was a movie fanatic, since she knew a lot about films and understood complex plot dynamics very well. Yet she couldn't play R's favourite Ne-game - brainstorming ideas for his sci-fi world - as her ideas never really blossomed. But she has created some kind of new useful violin technique for herself. Definitely smart.

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    2. Don't know
    3. J is LIE, K is ESE or SEE
    4. Sounds like maybe LSI

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    1. R: Alpha NT. Probably ILE.

    2. L: Delta ST.

    3. J: LSI but I can see an argument for LIE.

    K: Maybe SLE.

    4. Sounds SEI but there isn't much to work with.
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