What do you think of the preliminary DCNH translation names?
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Sensory Ethical Extrovert DCNH

1. Dominant subtype (code CDD)
Aficionado – Politician

2. Creative subtype (code CDC)
Aficionado – Mercurial

3. Normalizing subtype (code CDN)
Aficionado – Accommodator

4. Harmonizing subtype (code CDH)
Aficionado – Persuader

Intuitive Logical Introvert DCNH

1. Dominant subtype (code CND)
Critic – Wizard

2. Creative subtype (code CNC)
Critic – Unraveller

3. Normalizing subtype (code CNN)
Critic – Aggregator

4. Harmonizing subtype (code CNH)
Critic – Prescient

Ethical Sensory Introvert DCNH

1. Dominant subtype (code CHD)
Conservator – Advocator

2. Creative subtype (code CHC)
Conservator – Accoutre

3. Normalizing subtype (code CHN)
Conservator – Guardian

4. Harmonizing subtype (code CHH)
Conservator – Solacer
Logical Intuitive Extrovert DCNH

1. Dominant subtype (code CCD)
Entrepreneur – Advancer

2. Creative subtype (code CCC)
Entrepreneur – Pioneer

3. Normalizing subtype (code CCN)
Entrepreneur – Designer

4. Harmonizing subtype (code CCH)
Entrepreneur – Adventurer

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