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Thread: Housewives of New York, of LA

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    Default Housewives of New York, of LA

    I always avoided these show until recently, as I don't like them, but I decided to people-watch out of curiosity. I get the feeling there are a lot of SEEs in that bunch. For TV it works. They like to look good and be seen, and they like to socialize, and they like drama (TV and drama go well together). The kinds of conversations always make me think they are SEEs. Most of them, anyway. I did notice one particular ESE on the NY one. The one who is a bit more more matronly, less plastic surgery, with the Long Island accent? I do not watch enough to know their names....

    I only today realized my neighbor that I know best around here, whom I have known long, whose motives/make-up sometimes confuses me is in fact a SEE. I should have realized it long ago, I just waited for it to come to me. But I asked myself, and I realized, yes, of course, she is SEE. Of the three SEEs (including her) that factor strongest in my life, she is the most successful/evolved/capable. My SLI's daughter is no.2 of those three, and I think she will do fine; she is out of her rough patch. This one (my neighbor) had many advantages in life, including a very wealthy ex some time back who left her well set up so she could take life in a way that worked for her. And her new husband is a stable LSE, and a real nice guy (they seem happy)...she kissed a few frogs before that...

    SEE qualities I see are confident assertiveness (bordering on bossy at times!), a fashion focus, bold and upfront about her sexuality, friendly/social, strong opinions.

    In those shows, i see the fashion, the social, the assertiveness, and lots of social debate/drama because they are upfront and forward about things that offend them, things I would overlook often. And of course being assertively sexy makes popular TV.

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    Yeah most are SEE women a few SLI men and a few SEE men too

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