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    This is from a review by Roger Ebert - I felt exactly the same way about the movie. Therefore, I would like to see how you type his arguments:

    Curly Sue” is a cornball, soupy, syrupy, sentimental exercise in audience manipulation, but that's the good news, because this is a movie that works. I don't know how and I don't know why, but somehow the film got around my guard, overcame my cynicism, and left me sitting there with a grin on my face.
    This is a story that could have been written by Damon Runyon, illustrated by Norman Rockwell, and filmed by Frank Capra.
    What happened to me was, at some point during “Curly Sue,” I simply caved in and accepted the story. Yes, it's impossible; yes, the characters are living in a fantasy world; yes, it's shamelessly sentimental. But I started to care about them. And then the quiet humor and the warmth of the actors began to work some kind of charm.
    I would love to see someone reduce these quotes to simply being "Fi" - in that case, you'd be missing the point. The movie was hopelessly sentimental to the point it made me cringe. But then, there is a big conflict in the movie with the characters, the reality of the situation then sets in, and you see what could be their plight. Right then and there, I became emotionally involved (just like Ebert). It's like this in real life for me. I don't feel particularly connected with people and those who are sentimental are almost like a room that's way too warm - I want to stay away. But then, something might happen to someone or there is some conflict and I start to feel very involved. How do you explain this in socionics terms?

    EDIT: look up Ernst Kretschmer's notions of cyclothymia and schizothymia. Schizothymics (maybe even logical schizothymics) can be 'cold as ice, yet hypersensitive.'
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    The quotes are not Fi, they sound Fe valuing.

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