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    Default me again

    so i've been here something like 9 years, and i still don't really understand socionics

    i never even really understood introversion/extroversion. to me, people choose how extroverted they're going to be, and other people can be a waste of time, but also useful stimulating etc.

    anyway, i spend too much time inside my head, and i was thinking about how i'm not really very social at all anymore, but i can remember at times i've been more social in the past. and i never really set out to be social, it was all happenstance.

    when i'm at ease, i'm generally up beat, but also kind of aggressive in a pleasant way. i mean, someone says "pleased to meet you" and i say "go fuck yourself", in a way that only offends some people. i kind of feel a little open hostility clears the air. but when i'm in a bad mood i tend to just ignore people.

    when i somehow end up in social situations, i try to make people feel included, but i also try to balance out across multiple people. i try to listen if people are quiet, and not listen if people are noisy, and to take notice of significant things in conversations whilst filtering out all the bullshit.

    thing is i like to see myself as easy-going, but i hate it when people say i'm not easy going, but for some reason i seem to care what other people think about me, as long as it's not some kind of problem they have with me, and for some reason i forget about most of what people say.

    if i try to see what i think people have most said about me, some people seem to think i'm interesting, confident, intelligent, different, messy, uncompromising, unsympathetic, belligerant, and careless but not dishonest.

    people generally seem to see me as telling the truth, but some people find it hard to tell when i'm being serious, and when i'm joking. like say if i be anti-jews, pro-anarchy, etc.

    i'm not at all neat, tidy, sensible, and dot all the i's. i'm more footloose and carefree, i wouldn't say i'm necessarily irresponsible. just not significantly responsible. i don't make promises i can't keep, i just don't make promises.

    so if i try and break things down, i'm probably interesting because i don't seem like other people. i probably don't seem like other people, because i don't try to copy other people, and decide things for myself.

    i'm probably confident because i speak my own mind rather than others.

    intelligent, well i think it's probably just that some people are dumb.

    different, well that's probably just because i go against others by default but in a laid back nice way. ie i'm being unnatural.

    messy, well fuck it i don't care.

    uncompromising, when i was young people tried to get me to compromise on various things, and it always seemed like a lose-lose.

    unsymaphetic, well i'm only really sympathetic to uhh things i care about?

    belligerant, well if i'm in a bad mood and i've been drinking my behaviour can be quite bad. and if wronged, i can retaliate.

    careless, but not dishonest, well when i was young i realised i had limited capacity to care, so i had to be careful what i cared about, as i feared that caring about things was a liability and that people would attack the things that i cared about. so i learnt to both conceal what i care about to a degree, but at the same time i had this idea that i should not lie, as then people couldn't trust me.

    so now down the slippery slope of trying to figure out functional shit.

    Extraverted Intuition Ne

    Introduction to Ne

    Extroverted intuition is an extroverted, irrational, and static information element. It is also called Ne, I, intuition of possibilities, or black intuition.

    Ne is generally associated with the ability to see various potentialities and possibilities, create new opportunities and new beginnings, recognize latent natural propensities in others, be aware of differing perspectives and viewpoints, rapidly generate associations and draw parallels, and be led by one's intellectual curiosity and stimulate this curiosity in others.

    Types that value Ne prefer consider and openly discuss some possibility, rather than discount it for the reason of being impossible and unlikely. They pick a few options and bring them up for discussion, in contrast to introverted intuition (Ni) types who pick one likely option and may doubt even that one. They enjoy discussing unusual insights into the nature of the world and crazy out-there ideas, like space elevators or strange animal combinations. Typical Ne quadra humor juxtaposes and blends seemingly unrelated phenomena.
    I like to express what I see in others, be it right or wrong. Sometimes I'm right on, sometimes I'm nowhere near, and sometimes I'm close. I do find it hard to see from others point of view. I remember as a kid being asked to look at things from others point of view, I don't think it worked very well. When I try to see things from others point of view I keep wanting to change things.

    Like say I was a politician with lots of responsibility, and I needed to make hard decisions and there was a lot of pressure on me, and I wasn't giving a press conference because I was still trying to get all the details about some major thing that had happened or something. Well I wouldn't want to be blithering in half-truths/half-lies, or hiding from a press conference, I'd rather say what did have now, and be concise or some shit, because speculation gives people crazy ideas.

    I don't really see where a space elevator would go? You're not going to build a space elevator to a satelittle or space station or such. I think unicorns are kind of cool, but I don't know what animal they're from. What are those sea unicorns called? They're amusing too.

    What does justapoxes mean?

    Introduction to Ni

    Introverted intuition is an introverted, irrational, and dynamic information element. It is also called Ni, T, temporal intuition, or white intuition. Ni is generally associated with the ability to recognize the unfolding of processes over time (how one event leads to another), have visions of the past and future, over-reliance on mental imagery, seeing intangible hints of trends and relationships between processes or objects. Types that value Ni always like to have in mind a specific plan for how things will develop in the future which is usually based on past trends that they deem likely to recur. To assess these trends they seek to gather information of what's has taken place and transverse the time axis backwards and forwards. Thus, they often devote little time for living "in the now" or "making the best of the present". They generally engage in pure leisure activities only for short periods of time, and even then their leisure activities generally involve mentally and psychologically demanding or competitive aspect.
    If you push someone and they don't stand strong they will fall over. I used to get this trippy shit, where things would replay back in my mind after the fact while I wasn't very stimulated, like mini flashbacks, and I still get songs in my head sometimes. I don't really know how shit will develop. I like to make a start and then things kind of fit into place.

    This Ni description doesn't tell me shit. I'm more in the past then I used to be. Sometimes I get a bit in the future.

    Extroverted sensing is an extroverted, irrational, and static information element. It is also called Se, F, volitional sensing, or black sensing. Se includes the ability to attain high level of awareness of the physical aspects of one's reality, to know how much physical force or power is latent or required, to be able to accurately estimate properties of material sort. Types that strongly value Se are much more comfortable taking concrete actions to change their physical surroundings. This may at times be perceived as disruptive and abrasive, particularly by Ne-types who feel that abrupt changes in their physical surrounding ruins their balance. In Se-quadras, interaction takes a more blunt and direct forms, resulting in a much strongly impacting physical atmosphere than Si-valuing types prefer. Se-types enjoy discussing possibilities but only if there is concrete gain from it, or it holds the potential to impact the "the real world". Unlike Si, which is about one's subjective sensory experience (how intense or enjoyable it is), Se is about achieving an object of desire. It gives one the ability to influence, bend, and push concrete situations and people in order to achieve such an object, rather than to subjectively assess the situation one is in.
    why is this so abstract?

    ok so i try and break it down: "comfortable taking action", well I dunno actually, I decide a lot of things in advance when I make immediate decisions. i used to separate money into disposable money, savings money, and bills and shit. but i've always been pretty slack with money. i try to just make intelligent decisions, and then actions come from that. i do want to impact the real world, but i'm ok with the idea of stretch goals, and working towards things bit by bit. if you only make decisions that will fix immediate problems then you'll just end up with more problems that may be harder to fix.

    i think like most things there is a balance, and some things you can't change, and if you keep trying to change things that won't change it won't work. and you have to decide when and when not to commit.

    Introverted sensing is an irrational, introverted, and dynamic information element. It is also referred to as Si, S, experiential sensing, or white sensing. Si is associated with the ability to internalize sensations and to experience them in full detail. Si focuses on tangible, direct (external) connections (introverted) between processes (dynamic) happening in one time, i.e. the physical, sensual experience of interactions between objects. This leads to an awareness of internal tangible physical states and how various physical fluctuations or substances are directly transferred between objects, such as motion, temperature, or dirtiness. The awareness of these tangible physical processes consequently leads to an awareness of health, or an optimum balance with one's environment. The individual physical reaction to concrete surroundings is main way we perceive and define aesthetics, comfort, convenience, and pleasure.

    In contrast to extroverted sensing (Se), Si is related to following one's own internal perceptions when it comes to making physical estimations, instead of being guided by externally-driven image of what something is like. Si ego types are perceptive of individual sensory experiences and will try to adjust to them, given that it does not extremely affect their own comfort, thus minimizing potential direct sensory impact on others. In contrast to introverted intuition (Ni), Si is about direct interaction and unity (or discord) with one's surroundings, rather than abstract process and causal links. Si types prefer to avoid causing too much upheaval and commotion and intruding on other people's space and boundaries, and will protect their personal well-being and comfort as well. They preferr to keep even flow of experiences and sensory congruity.
    God that's long. "Si types prefer... " .. well preferences are malleable, and we can't always get what we want. And by not causing upheavel there can still be upheavel. So really it's saying nothing.

    This all seems like hogwash.

    I'm actually ok with the bit about not causing too much upheavel and commotion now. I've settled down. People have boundaries, people don't like boundaries being violated. That's all fine, I don't really understand it. I can have a light touch. Yay I'm Si.

    Extroverted ethics is an extroverted, rational, and dynamic information element. It is also called Fe, E, the ethics of emotions, or black ethics. Fe is generally associated with the ability to recognize and convey (i.e. make others experience) passions, moods, and emotional states, generate excitement, liveliness, and feelings, get emotionally involved in activities and emotionally involve others, recognize and describe emotional interaction between people and groups, and build a sense of community and emotional unity.

    Types that value Fe like creating a visible atmosphere of camaraderie with other people. They enjoy a loose atmosphere where anything goes, where people don't have to watch too carefully what they say for fear of offending others. This means these types try not to be too thin-skinned, taking jokes with a grain of salt. However, they are very conscious of the fact that the way something is said is very important to how it will be received, so they tend to add emphasis, embellishments, and exaggerations here and there to keep people engaged. The best way to say something is highly dependent on the situation and the implied purpose of the exchange, so of course levity is not appropriate in some situations.

    Even after explosive arguments, these types find it hard to hold grudges, and can tolerate people they in principle don't like, as long as the situation is primarily social and doesn't require too close contact. They prefer misgivings to be out in the open; they believe that the silent treatment is one of the worst things you can do to a person, and only aggravates the underlying problem.
    It won't even fit on one page. Hey, I like not watching what I say. And how something is said does matter. I'm not always the best at getting tones right actually. Especially I haven't been talking already. I dunno if I can tolerate people I don't like. Oh hangon, I've been known to. And misgivings out in the open sounds good to me.

    And fuck silence.

    Introverted ethics is an introverted, rational, and static information element. It is also called Fi, R, relational ethics, or white ethics. Fi is generally associated with the ability to gain an implicit sense of the subjective 'distance' between two people, and make judgments based off of said thing. Types with valued Fi strive to make and maintain close, personal relationships with their friends and family. They value sensitivity to others' feelings, and occasionally will make their innermost feelings and sentiments known in order to test the possibility of creating closeness with others.

    Also, these types convey emotions in terms of how they were affected by something (such as "I did not like that"), rather than an extroverted ethics (Fe) approach that would describe the object itself without clear reference to the subject involved (such as "That sucked"). Much of their decisions are based on how they themselves, or others in relation to them personally, feel in contrast to considering how "the big picture" is affected (such as groups of people).
    i did not like that vs that sucked. i dunno, i could do either.

    keep your friends close and your enemies closer. i take shit personally sometimes.

    so uhh, looking at all these functions and shit, fe is the easiest to relate to.

    but i dunno how the fuck anyone could relate to phrases like "external static of objects" and shit like that.

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    my vote is for SLE or maybe LSI-Se, leaning towards the former.
    The SLEs I know or have known in my life all have somewhat gotten calmer as they are getting older moving from their 20s to their 30s (enough for it to be visible from the bit of distance we tend to keep in interactions). (One who was going through some traumatic stuff in his teens and was bullying people around him actually years later as an adult apologised to the the EIIs whom he was terrorising. Not saying you were like that, but that's just an example of smn who was on the extreme verge and still mellowed and matured significantly.)
    I'd investigate Fi-PoLR vs Ne-PoLR, but that's just a suggestion. And yeah, agreed on that those abstract functions' descriptions are difficult to relate to, especially the phrasing.

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    You're SLE

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