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Thread: Which intertype relation is this?

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    Default Which intertype relation is this?

    So there's Person A, and Person B.

    -Person B smothers Person A and feels compelled to give lots of unsolicited advice that more-or-less bounces off them, and finds their methods of convincing uncalled for and unnecessarily aggressive. Tries to encourage in what you consider to be in an aggressive manner to do things that you either consider redundant, or can figure out on your own.

    -Almost everything Person B says, along with how they interact with other people, rubs Person A the wrong way, yet Person B is completely oblivious to it and assumes that they're having great rapport. Person A finds conversation with them toxic, and tries to avoid them as much as possible.

    -After a while there's almost a sense that Person B is sucking the air out of the room whenever they're around you. Person A is self-conscious about saying anything, since Person B always takes it as an opportunity to give more unsolicited advice. Person A calls out Person B on something that they've said, or that they've been doing, which leaves Person B unfazed and they somehow manage to twist it around into something that presents them in a positive light.

    -Person A doesn't feel directly criticized, just annoyed and finds their initiatives disruptive, inappropriate and transparently self-serving.
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    I would guess at Supervision/Audit/Revision.

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