Here are a few quotes lifted from an article called Doris Kearns Goodwin loves the Movies:

"Doris Kearns Goodwin is one happy historian. “Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln,” her prize-winning, best-selling account of the Lincoln White House, has been turned in part into a film by Steven Spielberg with a script by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Tony Kushner (“Angels in America”) starring Academy Award® winner Daniel Day-Lewis (MY LEFT FOOT, THERE WILL BE BLOOD). LINCOLN will have its World Premiere at the American Film Institute’s AFI FEST in Hollywood on November 8.

Goodwin, a former White House Fellow who taught a course on the American presidency at Harvard where she received her PhD in Government, is in the habit of teasing college students that “if you break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend, don’t delete their e-mails, because some biographer some day may be hoping to know what that relationship was like. But there’s something about handwritten letters. People did save them over time. Will these e-mails be saved or will technology be different?”

Goodwin insists that, much as she loves the film community, she wouldn’t change professions for anything in the world. “Each time you move from one president to another — from LBJ to JFK and then from JFK to FDR and then to Lincoln and now I’m doing Teddy Roosevelt — you’re just catapulted back into a different period and you learn so much as if you were still in school.”

Happy as LINCOLN has made her, Goodwin does have an historian’s nightmare: “Some day there’ll be a panel of all the presidents that I’ve ever studied and each one will be sitting there, telling me everything I got wrong about them. LBJ would be the first one yelling at me, ‘How come that damn book on the Kennedys was twice as long as the book you wrote about me?’ I treasure the profession. It’s been a wonderful thing to have done all my life.'”

I think she is Fe and Ni valuing. I type her as EIE.

If someone can make a case for IEI, I would be interested in hearing it.