Pascal Dusapin: INTj (LII-Ne?) [maybe Creative subtype] (LII-IEE?); otherwise maybe ILE?, EIE-Ni?, LSI?, SEI? or IEI?

[Interviewer:]Could contemporary music be popular?

Pascal Dusapin: 'What does “being popular” mean? If this is what I think I understood, “being popular” means pleasing at least 20 million people that stick to a program controlled by advertisers and marketing agencies. Then no, this music will never be popular. And classical music, like you call it, will never be popular either. However, if by “being popular” you mean: “moving a few or a lot of individuals, whoever they are, wherever they come from, encountering and offering new emotions, communicating them, sharing them (not only via a “click”) with intelligence and devotion, offering one’s own comprehension of a world in constant disruption through a new and generous invention, then yes, this is possible…'

[Interviewer:] Can only educated people like serious music?

Pascal Dusapin: The appreciation of serious music takes a lot of curiosity. A lot of educated people are not curious. However, educated people never cease to learn.

If you were a mythological creature, who/what would you be?

Pascal Dusapin: Don Quixote (and yes, I know he is not Greek).