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Thread: dichotomies: imaginary or real?

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    Default dichotomies: imaginary or real?

    i was mulling over the elemental socionics constructs, specifically the dichotomies. as I gathered from this thread dichotomies were incorporated into socionics directly from jung, who based them on personal observations and speculation. so are socionics dichotomies completely arbitrary, imaginary constructs? or does the fact that jung has based them on some kind of observations mean that there is something of objective reality that necessitates their existence? what are your opinions on this?

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    IIRC: ( I read this in passing five years ago )

    Augusta observed and recorded the intertype relationships first (e.g. duality, conflict, etc.) then tried to find a typology to explain them. She chose Jung's because it was the most complete. [EDIT: and because contemporary Western personality psychology was difficult to access in the USSR. She had to rely on old stuff.]
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