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    Default Enneagram + Instinct Variant Profiles

    These descriptions were taken from the EIDB forum. This is not a compete set and is missing the following profiles: 1-sp, 3-so, 6-sx, 6-so, 7-sp, 7-sx.

    Gut triad: 9, 8, 1 subtype profiles
    (missing description for 1 sp)


    9 SP - Preservation/Resources 9

    Attention becomes fixated on secondary sources of gratification.

    Nines have a habit of replacing essential wishes (needs) with unessential substitutes, such as too much food, too much TV, or elaborate hobbies or interests.

    All nines have a tendency to replace essential goals with unessential substitutes, but self pres 9's can develop a voracious attachment to the replacement.

    Preoccupied with physical comfort, maintaining habits and satisfying appetites.

    A sense of personal security is associated with substitute, which is most commonly food, travel, TV, collecting.

    Find immediate relief in zoning out on food or books/magazines/movies. Easily becomes a couch potato, vegging out with the newspaper, chips and a drink.

    Store up a supply which clams them.

    Collects things which are never used, but are there in case needed.

    Cutting off a supply of the replacing substitute can feel life threatening because it represents the focal point of a holding patter that expends surplus energy in a predictable way.

    An appetite for the substitute habitually appears when there is time and energy for a personal agenda.

    Security minded 9's don't realizing they're shelving a personal agenda when they're gripped by an appetite like shopping fever. The rising interest in indulging an appetite doesn't feel lazy. It feels exhilarating. Something interesting to do that pulls you out of ambivalence even though it means a lack of commitment to yourself.

    Strategy for getting along is to ask as little of life as possible.

    Can have a love of the minimal and enjoy the repetition of known routines.

    May be physically slow moving.

    Consume food and drink for anesthesia.

    May have large appetites or drug addictions.

    Likes to collect objects and information. Sometimes has trouble throwing things away because they can't decide what really matters to them.

    Appetite emphasis (in all matters, not just food, hunger can be satisfied but not appetite).

    Very attached to rituals of watching TV, reading, working on the computer, sleeping long hours, going to movies, and so on. Feel anxious when anything interferes with routines.

    Resignation is somaticized. Obesity is a passion. Tend to be big and have a paunch (or thin yet substantial with 1 wing emphasis on health). Focused on wants of this world. "I eat therefore I am". Is a yearning for love. Feeding and having instead of being. Economic values, bankers, economist, creature comforts. Like a steamroller, more aggressive but doesn't know it. Certain unawareness of others.

    Pleasant easy going 9. Doesn't ask much from life. Built for comfort not speed. Simple pleasures-that can be relied upon. "The best surprise is no surprise". Slow inertia. Difficulty in mobilizing self on what really matters. Focus instead on comforts. Compensation for stuffing real desires. Sloth-take what comes along. Believe they can't get what they really want. Zone out in chairs. Least ambitious but often talented. Dry sense of humor. Comfortable, no hassles.. Puttering, routines, busy work. Pleasant complacent mood. Unhealthy prone to addictions, predilection to additions/overweight. Apathetic. Couch potato.

    With 1 wing can have emphasis on health matters. Thinner. Holistic approach. Obsessive about health foods, herbal remedies. Metaphysical orientation.

    The self pres 9 wanted this study to reveal they felt much stronger than Enneagram authors described them, as they do not go without their essential needs in life. They did however, explain that they were usually unwilling to be in a conflict to have their needs met. The stated that they would say "okay" and then privately make sure they got whatever it was they wanted, describing this as the power of patience, persistence, and resistance. Many of them were reluctant to share this aspect of their survival strategy because it went against their image of being the kind and loving peacemaker. Nevertheless, they wanted to break the stereotype of being percieved as the "non-person", clarifying that outwardly they may be soft but that on the inside they were hard as nails.

    Can have a strong connection to 6. When appetites won't be satiated, tends to focus on feelings of fear and doubt about needs ever being met.

    Everything metaphysical has to become a physical instead of being theoretical. Holistic methods/medicine. Yoga. Health foods, herbal remedies etc. "Heal yourself through the earth".

    Value resides in belief that what is to be had is in the real world.

    Talks a lot-occupy space by talking. Talk to fill a void.

    Invasive. Overwhelms through good intentions "are you hungry?"

    Goes along with the program outwardly, secretly makes sure all essential needs are met.

    Will not go without food or comfort for long.

    9 SX - Sexual/Feeling 9

    Union is the desire to completely merge oneself with a mate.

    Total merger with a partners inner agenda.

    Unite, Melt, or merge with significant others.

    Finding personal identity through taking on the life of another's as their own.

    Nines can absorb another's life into their own.

    "We are the same being"

    Personal goals are surrendered in favor of the needs of another such that the beloved emerges as the focalizer of life.

    Get lost in other person.

    Thoughts and feelings seem synonymous rather than separate.

    Union is the sense of living a mutual life rather than an individual one.

    Union is the sense of mutual existence rather than being a separate individual.

    The reactions of the pair are so merged that the partnership could be described as "inseparable"

    Union provides focus and energy. Lazy about their own direction. Nines' partners can focalize effort and become the reason for being.

    Can be listless and sluggish when not involved.

    Feelings of being overlooked and disregarded vanish in a psychologically undivided state.

    Focused on an ideal of romantic union.

    Perceive the feelings of others more clearly than their own, clairsentient, and physically sense exactly what the other loved on is going through.

    Psychic connections very astute.

    Make their partner happy and become happy themselves through the reflection of this happiness.

    The preoccupation can also extend to an absorbing wish to unite with the divine.

    High expectations of partner.

    Prone to jealousy.

    Can also deny partner's flaws and idealize them to stay in union.

    Another scenario involved multiple relationships. Searching for a fused connection.

    Sound melancholy sometimes like 4's.

    Can't decide between 2 people sometimes (triangulation).

    Can be fickle because easily disappointed.

    Difficult for them to leave a relationship because it's like leaving themselves.

    Union (much more merging beyond sex) Spiritual unions.

    I like the feeling of being in union with a lover, family member, friend, mentor, famous person, guru, pet, nature, or the divine.

    When not in a relationship, melancholy yearning to be in one.

    Sweet and shy. Gain a sense of being through the other. Alpha/Omega. Union/fusion. Contact allows the awareness of difference.

    Can't create a space where there are differences, so no individuation. Lack of freedom to be oneself.

    Becomes lost in others. Lose tension. Merge with those who have qualities like aggressive types. Living vicariously through others. Merge with one more vital-mine by association-want others to rub off on them. Idealize others-security. Seek a complete partnership. Romantic can resemble 4's. Can become critical and demanding if others let them down. Other becomes center of gravity.

    Compliments and insults to other are equal to self. No individualization. Central object relations. Cinderella Wishful thinking.

    Unhealthy-disassociation, depressed, lack of sense of self. Self functioning of past relationship. Reversion back to ideal union. Deep fantasy breaks.

    The sexual 9 wanted to explain the experience of merging. They felt it was important to note that it happens automatically without their conscious intent, and as they become the other, the tension dissolves. It is only through merging with others that they can begin to discover who they are and what they want. First they merge and then they begin to say, "me, not me". It is only through the process of union that they find out what is "not me" and discover "me". They can fight for loved ones as "compliments and insults directed toward those with whom they have merged are felt as if directed toward them".

    Often can only feel a sense of self with the desired other.

    When totally merged with the other, has difficulty determining where self ends and the other begins.

    I need time alone to discover who I am.

    Contain someone's energy-merge until reason not to-invalidation.

    Merges with other to discover self. Who am I?

    9 SO - Social/Community 9

    Social 9's gravitate toward groups and then have conflicts about joining or staying apart.

    Social 9's are inclined to join groups and to attend on a regular basis without making a full inner commitment. The question stays open. Ambivalence is constant.

    9's are either totally averse to joining groups, often expressing their ongoing search for personal goals with the inner question "Do I belong here or not?"

    Some social 9's stay basically uninvolved but hang out on the groups edge.

    There is an attraction to the energy of people doing something together, which provides a pleasant distraction but also provides a constant background of energy that the 9 can dip in and out of.

    Can enjoy group energy and interests but may be also aware of the group's expectation. These the 9 will both play along with and resist.

    High energy feelings are molded and contained by familiar group activities. A defined activity presents goals, procedures and an ongoing timetable that demand a predictable expenditure of energy. You know what you are going to do, how long it will last, and who will be there.

    Gravitate toward groups with meetings and agendas that allow members to participate at a low level of energy and take responsibility and leadership when they have energy to burn.

    Participate in group activities can be comforting way to feel included and loved.

    It can also be the place of greatest laziness for social 9 because the energy that could be spent in meeting personal agenda is shunted instead of taking part in social activities.

    High energy feelings can be molded and contained by the requirements of group activity. A defined activity presents goals, procedures and an ongoing timetable that demand predictable expenditure of energy.

    Groups are often structured with meetings and agendas that allow members to participate at a low level of energy, or to assume responsibility and leadership when they have energy to burn

    Gregarious but may start resit being heavily influenced, to compensate for their sense of lost identity.

    Can sometimes resent how the group doesn't really see them.

    May fixate on what others think of them

    May resent the group and may make fun of it.

    When immersed in a group. social 9's can lose themselves, trying to become all things to all people.

    Participation (careful to avoid the center, don't want to get really involved)

    Community emphasis on participation.

    Frequently there is a lot of activity.

    May get caught up in roles-stronger connection to 3.

    In addition to wanting to further causes, I join groups in order to structure my time, to soak up energy and become enlivened, to see how I can best fit in, and to discover where to direct myself.

    Participation comes from group. Being a part of and bonded to a group. More gregarious. Desire to be something bigger. Narrow view-local, peasant mentality. Doesn't go beyond limits (the hobbit).

    Avoids conflicts. Participating withdrawn type. Tries to go along with plans. Likes to be involved with others. Don't like expectations placed on them. Doesn't want to be overloaded. Mediators. Balance interests. Most passive-aggressive. Difficulty saying no. What is expected of conscious of others opinions of them. Want to be respected. Afraid of not blending in. Anxious about losing identity. Participate from fringe. Fear of embarrassment-ruled by need to protect oneself from embarrassment. Difficult separating goals from social milieu. Can be scattered and disenchanted. Resigned and depressed. Neediness masked by emotional flatness. Doesn't want center stage.

    Social 9's did not feel slothful and often strongly identified with 3's because they were "very busy" and constantly on the go with lots of energy. However, they described their energy as dispersed and diffused without being focused on a single goal. Some felt that they were w workaholics and didn't sleep much at all. The more extroverted social 9's stated that they "belonged to groups to find themselves through connection and shared interest with others." Nevertheless they were reluctant to take on too much responsibility to avoid conflict. They would rather be a member of the board of directors than be in charge. The social 9 felt universally connected to everything and had the most difficult deciding on a type.

    Interest tend to be diverse to minimize time invested in one area.

    Can be very active in groups or social causes.

    8 SP - Preservation/Resources 8

    Eights focus on control of the mechanics of personal survival and space.

    Often grow up poor or struggling. Food, home, money may be crucial.

    Stronger connection to 5.

    A preoccupation with protecting the home and making sure there are always generous supplies of basic comforts.

    These are the survivalists. People who secure a personal bunker against invasion, who want a place that can't be gotten to and possessions that can't be touched.

    Maintaining order and material security are important.

    Hiding and presiding over their castle.

    The security of familiar surroundings, of knowing that your dinner, your cat, and your current book are within easy reach. You can relax when you feel physically satisfied.

    They fear being deprived, lacking necessities, being out in the rain alone. They therefore develop an elaborate supply system so they'll never be in need; food clubs, a competent laundry, a hardware store that stocks absolutely everything.

    It's not important to hoard, but when survival lust comes on, they know exactly where to go.

    Can be materialistic and feel deserving about it. More often have a 7 wing.

    Satisfaction depends on having the simple, uncomplicated necessities of life.

    A preoccupation with the control of survival needs replaces the search for essential needs.

    Tend to value things over people.

    The fear of deprivation fosters a preoccupation with comfort. "Where is my pen, my comfortable shoes". The discomfort might escalate.

    They can't bear it when details aren't "just so". Today somebody forgets to buy toothpaste tomorrow the whole system may collapse.

    If someone else has moved the shoes, it can feel like invasion. A domino effect where unpredictable events could escalate. If it's the shoes now, what next?

    Sometimes domineering toward those within their sphere.

    Might preach an ethic of selfishness.

    Justify their bullying of intimates as necessary to "toughen them up" for the hard world outside.

    Survivalist mentality. Life is a jungle, only the strong survive.

    Territorial imperative.

    "I feel safer when I sit where I can observe everything going on in a room"

    "I try to make certain that no one will sneak up or intrude upon me".

    Satisfactory survival (not just any kind of survival; pushing, grabbing, ordering, controlling).

    Singularly directed. Hardness/indifference. Machiavellian. Intolerance to frustration. Use whatever is needed to get needs met. Can't wait. Anti-social.

    5 like desire for privacy. Less feeling, less expressive, and less visible.

    Extremely territorial of personal emphasis and/or relationships. Direct hardness, toughness.

    Life as struggle, no nonsense 8's Workaholic. Money and power to insure well being of self and loved ones. Control over immediate environment. King or Queen of the castle. Regulate my environment, lustful control of environment. Dominate intimates to toughen them up. It's a jungle out there. Control or resources. I have the purse strings. Dominate animal in pack. Materialistic/money for power. Symbols of power; castles, cars for impact. Fortification, legacy. Symbols of triumph. Monuments to immortality. This is my place in history. Domestic, home bodies. Income to feel satisfied. Territorial about personal belongings. Where is my it safe. Selfish, justified, goes after needs. Bullying, threats.

    The self pres 8 wanted to clarify that "no one even knows I am around unless you step on my toes". They felt an affinity with 5 and expressed a strong desire for privacy. They described their main issue as "do not control me" and "you will not control me". It's is not unlike 5 as the tendency is to be more reserved and to observe, unless anything in their territory is challenged. Then "you wake a sleeping bear, claws and all". Shifting from one extreme to another. "The warrior ready for battle" This 5 like privacy was a fear of being limited and controlled.

    Often feel empowered by each experience of survival.

    Passion for privacy and own space. Free of intrusions. More 5ish.

    Not to be at the mercy of others.

    8 SX - Sexual/Feeling 9

    Eights act out lust in the one to one arena by a possessive attitude toward intimates and friends.

    Every aspect of intimate life cries out for exploration. 8's want to know all.

    Possession denotes access to the body, mind, and spirit of the mate whenever desire arises.

    Lust or excess is acted to by controlling the nature of the way in which the couple relates to each other.

    All the secrets have to be shared.

    They want to advise, to be consulted, and to take part in decisions.

    Surrender involves fully possessing the loyalty and affections of a mate who will not put you at a disadvantage.

    Want stability, loyalty, and predictability in close relationships.

    Are prepared to return devotion when they have the feeling that their partner is equal to them and will not exploit this position of power.

    Can love deeply, have a genuine close-up interest in and concern for spouse.

    Since life is dangerous they want to choose close allies carefully.

    Attached to the idea of being able to trust completely.

    8's want to posses the heart and mind of the mate.

    May feel easily betrayed and are prone to suspicion.

    Lots of testing of their partners motives. If they pass the tests then the 8 relaxes.

    Can lead to a need to dominate and control partner.

    Can get codependent, jealous, hooked into the other.

    Partners every move is (over)reacted to.

    Sometimes can't let go.

    Proud of their toughness and are the most rebellious of all types.

    Sexual 8's are one of the highest energy positions on the diagram. A combination of physical verve and an inclination toward domination makes them lusty in love and commanding in business.

    Can be seen as relentless competitors.

    Often in conflict about wanting a partner who needs to be taken care of versus wanting one they respect and who will stand his or her ground against them.

    One way to get on their bad side is to neglect to consult them or ask their opinion about a matter that directly or indirectly involves them.

    Attracted to people who are direct and who are not allergic to confrontation.

    Possession/surrender (need for total domination or willingness to give up all control).

    Couple emphasis on possession/surrender.

    The will to posses the other- to take hold. Dominance and surrender. The preying mantis. Surrender your values. "Put your butt on the line". Full involvement. Lack of limits. Can be anti-social and narcissistic. Sadistic and phallic narcissistic (entitlement).

    Motto is "I have a right to have my way" more emotional than the other 2 subtypes.

    Taking charge, takes charge in relationships. Parental role in one to ones. Bestower of protection. Need some say in what's happening in others life. Likes withdrawn types. Wanting to mold the other. Deeply loving-devoted. Intimacy is a struggle for control. Disinterested if they win the other too easily. Intensity. Adrenalin. Impatient in too much loyalty. Consistency however is important. Possessive. Competitive-thrill in competition. Push. Stimulating to win. Urge to imprint self on others. Jealous, possessive, abusive, crimes of passion.

    The sexual 8 felt under represented in most descriptions of 8. They saw themselves as very devoted to those they loved and desired equality in relationship. Someone that could match them, stand up to thenm, and more importantly for them, so they could surrender control. "If I can control someone, they are weak, I can't count on anyone that is weak". They did however, understand that their partners might feel controlled. They explained that hey felt they had surrendered tot he person they loved, and therefore were at their mercy. For the 8 to share anything of intimacy is to make themselves incredibly vulnerable, and to give anyone the power to hurt them, which is potentially devastating. They further added how incongruent it felt to simultaneously need autonomy and connection. For how does one stay connected and remain autonomous.

    Intimacy is feeling safe enough to "freely" surrender control, by freely possessing the love of their mate.

    Provoked by unspoken messages-threats to trust and intimacy.

    A desire for "equality" in intimate relationships to be able to give up control (someone strong enough to "push up against", who can stand firm, withstand the anger, and allow the hidden vulnerability to emerge.)

    8 SO - Social/Community 8

    A lust for friendship and camaraderie.

    For 8's friendship is the trust extended to those whom you protect and by whom you are protected.

    Friendship is a way of relating through tested alliance; when someone is on your side, you can trust them to hear you out.

    Loyal to a group and conceive of friendship as a pact of mutual protection.

    Friendship is based on mutual regard and common purpose.

    Feelings of vulnerability can surface with those few who have demonstrated their ability to hold their ground and who can assert control in an honorable way.

    Let their feelings out within a close group.

    Want everyone to benefit; group's cohesion and welfare is most important to them.

    Want everyone to be happy and to have no cause for doing injustice to one another.

    Can try out different viewpoints by entertaining a friend's opinion.

    Often oriented to family.

    Hold themselves accountable to other.

    May be the group's protector or provider.

    Can be outstanding leaders who hold the community together and let the weaker members rely on them for support.

    Emphasis on cooperation.

    They cultivate friendships and are always ready to give their friends the shirt off their back.

    When healthy they are aggressively blustery but will back down and apologize when they've been unfair. More able to say "I was wrong".

    Stronger connection to 2, can emotionally switch places with others in their chosen group.

    Could be hostile toward anyone outside who threatens group.

    Tests their friends for their loyalty. Once trust is firmly established, they usually stay in friendships for life.

    When in group, focuses on who else has power in order to maintain their authority.

    Love the excitement of a righteous struggle for the truth or fairness.

    Friends/enemies (world percieved in black and white, champion of the people, largess).

    Smiling, more friendly, appears generous. Survival through alliances. Seduction covers a desire for advantage through association. Friendship bonds cover lust for power. Overwhelms out of selfishness. Narcissistic, temptation easy. Can look like cp6 but are body centered, more instinctual.

    Gusto, camaraderie. Letting loose, lavishness, generous. Host social events for inner circle. Holds court. Center of attention. The Big Cheese, others hang on every word. Honor, trust, bonds. Blood brothers. Make pacts with those who have proven self to 8's. I'll die for you. Test limits and boundaries of intimates to feel safe in friendships. Talkative, politics, sports. Seeks friends that allow them to be themselves. Anti-social, can be rejecting, cut friends off. Easily feel betrayed. Hold grudges. Full of promises, big plans and schemes. Bull-[blocked due to guideline #4 violation] artists. Anti-social loners. Reckless self destruction against society.

    The social 8 felt in groups as though they were too much and too loud. They saw themselves much more 2 like and felt the need to clamp down their energy so as to not offend others, which felt very restricting. They described it as being akin to being in a trash compactor. It went against their core because it felt like pretense but the need to belong to a group was still great. The social 8 also described survival through friendship. "I must have people I can count on to survive, so I'm going to collect resourceful people". Further stating they have many strategic alliances to insure their survival.

    Will often leap to the defense of a friend they feel is wronged.

    The basic fear of the social 8 is of having intentions misconstrued in a group setting.

    Seeks companionship with "equals or co-conspirators"-does not have to be the same, just "equal". Someone that doesn't have to be taken care of.

    May shrink self to match energy of others in order to fit in.

    Will intentionally be somewhat appropriate to prevent vulnerability but still non-compliant. "How far can I go?"

    Desire for respect, recognition, and distinction within the group.

    Feel the need to pull energy into the trash compactor in order not to overwhelm, be too loud, inappropriate, etc.

    1 SX - Sexual/Feeling 1

    Sexual jealousy is acted out in an angry, possessive way.

    Anger that feels like fire.

    A white hot rage that seizes their guts if a relationship is threatened.

    A threat to sanctioned pleasure is maddening. "How dare you take what's rightfully mine!"

    1's have difficulty recognizing what they want and in allowing themselves to have pleasure, that any threat to gratification feels like losing a lifeline.

    You've earned the right to be loved. You deserve sexual pleasure. You're angry to being compared to a rival.

    If you have been perfect there would be no contest.

    This is anger directed to those who take what the want without necessarily deserving it.

    This is permissible anger, based on the misconduct of associates or a mate.

    The focal point is fidelity, but jealousy extends far beyond a sexual agreement. You can be jealous of people who get promoted, whose ideas are taken more seriously, who are popular at work.

    There is a need to feel right. You work hard at it and feel jealous when you're not validated.

    Saying "I deserve recognition" or "You should have paid attention to me" feels safer than "I want" or "I need".

    It is unthinkable to reach out openly and take what you want; but in cases of misconduct, "this has to be stopped" replaces the forbidden thought "I want to have".

    Monitoring the mates actions and of critically judging whatever comes between the self and the mate. Once a genuine connection has been made, any threat from the outsider feels as if a lifeline is being cut.

    When desire for another can be honestly felt, any interference brings up intense possessiveness.

    Partner idealized.React with jealous judgment if their beloved acts in less-than-ideal ways.

    Try to control partner. Watch every step and fear that others might be more attractive to their partners. Inside they boil with jealousy and fear loss, but are unable to admit and express this imperfect feeling. The jealousy comes from the fear that another could be more perfect.

    Jealousy quickly becomes possessive. You can't drop it.

    You have to check up, you must go see, you have to know exactly who said what to whom. You want names and dates. You want confrontation. The rival shouldn't be here.

    Obsessively comparing themselves with others.

    Likes the intensity of being fully and passionately engaged with another person.

    Jealousy (rivalry centered around perfection; explosive expression or total repression of criticalness)

    Sex with anger/jealousy. Takes sexual energy into zeal. A passion to do things right, to give brilliance to one's being. A passion for being righteous and to do something perfectly. The true reformer.

    Can appear 8ish and assertive. More unconventional and most free of the 1's to show anger. Criticism is directed outward. Can have sadistic fantasies.

    May be possessive and jealous of mate and very self critical in comparing self against potential rival for mate; also angry and resentful of others who just take what they want.

    Shared standards. Idealization of partnership. Desire to find perfect person. "Till death do us part". Expect partner, family, friend, to be perfect-common set on standards. Disappointment when others don't measure up, so they must push others to share their standards. Proper-fears others will fall short. Emphasis on fidelity. Constant fears of abandonment. Even with others feels lonely. Don't spoil our perfection. Difficult to justify sexual instinct need. Idealized mate to fully express intimacy. Constant checking on-where were you? Accounting for others' time. Undermine others so that they are needed. Erupt out of control. The other causes me to be obsessed. Pushing self on others. Purge desire nature. Idealization. Platonic-pure relationships. Virginal withholding.

    The sexual 1 had the strongest identification with 4. The felt they need to have the perfect mate, and the idealized relationship. The sexual 1 went on to explain that the sanctity of having perfect love gave a real sense of brilliance, alivenesses, and freedom. However any violation to an intimate relationship was devastating, generating the white hot heat of humiliation and feeling of despair. The sexual 1 saw themselves as more powerful than the other 1's describing an 8 like accessibility to anger when they knew they were right or felt violated.

    Feeling of being cleansed and freed with the expression of repressed anger.

    Response when entering or during a relationship is the belief that I am hopelessly flawed and imperfect and unworthy of the other, who is idealized--attribute to the other a perfection that the other could not possibly have and short-change myself. This belief is what generates that insecurity, jealousy and possessiveness.

    Can be supportive and forgiving, as well as forbearing. Patient and even playful and joking with other are part of the idealized connection.

    1 SO - Social/Community 1

    Anger can be legitimately expressed through religious fervor, political outrage, idealogical correctness, theoretical correctness.

    Your position in a group is defined by uncompromising opinions.

    you've found the right ideological platform and are entrenched in the tenets of a perfect ideal. Now you're sure.

    Once you take a position, it can be remarkably difficult to absorb new information. May resist new factual information for fear of it swaying their opinion.

    Often inflexible in opinion. "I'm not wrong, you don't understand what we're talking about"

    Deliberate, careful and are thorough in forming opinions and can see no reason to change anything, especially at the suggestion of others.

    Non adaption-rigidity and the "passion to be right-to call the other one wrong".

    Self righteous-the world must adjust to me.


    Controlling with ideology. Critical.

    Social-Reforming impulse. Crusader. Believe they represent a standard and represent that standard (everyone else is missing the mark).
    Scolding in social arena-interest in writing, politics, journalism, theoretical ideologies.
    Exposing wrong doing, speak against moral or theoretical imperatives.

    Defined by own opinions.

    Tell others not to take their criticism personally, but take criticism by others very personally themselves.

    Indignant anger, masked by correctness and righteousness..

    With 9 wing can be extremely stubborn.

    Feels misunderstood when others do not get their ideals. "They don't get me, I KNOW what I'm talking about". Can result in a sulking 4ish presentation in lower average levels.

    Can mistype as 4 especially with strong feeling preference and a non-traditional theoretical orientation.

    Difficult to convince of type (if wrong) due to strong superego messages preventing wrongness from being accepted.

    Can seem like 5's with a strong thinking orientation.

    The social 1 focused on the group as an opportunity to express and share a vision. Initially they would join a group to have this vision manifest. Nevertheless when they were in the group they would start self limiting for fear of making an error or saying some thing wrong. They described a conflict of feeling restricted by the group and resentment that the vision was still unexpressed. The frustration surfaced when the idea of having an opportunity to share their ideals, wisdom and vision had to be negated to comply and belong to the group.

    Efforts were then turned to negating the ideas of others and reframing the norms of the group to fit more wholly into their notion of what is right.

    Bolder in writing or documents, the probing eye is avoided. I am free to state my claims. The judgment is avoided when they can hide behind a pulpit.

    Personal presentation can sometimes lack the passion of their proclaimed ideas. Can seem like 5's.

    Statements of fact that are based on little objective data that are backed up feverishly.

    Heated anger at being called out or errors being revealed.

    Knowledge sometimes without the data to support findings.

    A strong need to support their position so as to not be seen as wrong.

    Inability to state fault or wrongness, especially in regards to theories, treatises or ideas.

    Nonadaptive, but often with unexpressed anger. A need to be seen as caring and empathetic with the good of all in consideration with a simultaneous back hand at the "idiocy" of others.

    Feeling of being a lone wolf. The only one with the key to the prize.

    Gray areas are eliminated through logic or self righteous intuitive understandings.

    A tendency to try to embody the ideal of what they have stated is the ideal. "A good congressman acts like I do, if you don't think or act this way then you aren't a real congressman".

    Difficult to sway.

    Words like "wrong", "incorrect", "misinformed" and other critical words are common in speech and writing.

    Feeling of sermon on the mount, but fear of being judged so hiding can ensue.

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    Image triad: 2, 3, 4 subtype profiles
    (missing description for 3 soc)


    2 SP - Preservation/Resources 2

    Insecurity about not being able to make it on one's own is repressed in favor of a desire to take care of those who can assure their means of survival.

    Others appear needy and they depend on your help. The 2's need to help does not seem to come from within. Feeling selfless, the 2 masks the need for approval, and takes pride believing in their own independence.

    Harbor a sense of entitlement. Special privilege on account of their kindness, helpfulness, giving, etc.

    A belief that the rules of survival that apply to ordinary people do not apply to privileged people. The privileged are assured of special treatment in those areas of life where other people have to compete for what they need; the best table, the first place in line, spending extra money on themselves.

    "Get out of my way!" is a key phrase. A feeling of fury at having to stand in lines or wait for needs. "There's not going to be enough left for me". Afraid of getting the worst of it they themselves do not make sure they're in the front.

    The sense of privilege is unveiled when 2 helps people to become successful and finds that the 2 is feeling angry when there's no reward. Selfless giving and good support should have protected 2's privilege. There is fury when this didn't happen. "I give and do so much, I deserve to treated as someone special." An unconscious collection of fees for sacrifices made.

    Can seem shameless in their expectation of pampering.

    Exerting power indirectly and through other people seems more natural than saying what you want and working openly for your own interests. The indirect approach eases the pressure of public competition and the risk of social humiliation. If they win - you win.

    Dips easily into low side of 8 when angry. Hates to give up on anything.

    May act superior to others and expect preferential treatment reinforces their pride. Enjoy pampering themselves often indulging in wonderful food treats, shopping excursions, special vacations or other luxuries. Often spend more than they need to, but always justify it.

    "Me first!" personal emphasis on privilege. Egocentric. "The Favorite". Daddy's little girl. Pride of being loved. Childish egocentricity and child like privilege. Temper tantrums. I come first...helpful and ineffective.

    Can be 4-like with a more infantile personality. Daddy's girl who doesn't want to grow up. Too soft, needs protection. Child like seduction. Bonded equals dependent.

    Wanting to be pampered and have complete freedom as well. Exaggerated sense of entitlement, of being privileged. Sense of entitlement: expect special treatment because of sacrifices they have made. Make other people responsible for their special needs, self-preservation based entitlement: "If you love me you will know what I need."

    This is also a caretaking 2. Focus on health issues. Stuff feelings. Oral gratification. Suppress aggression through food and need.

    When unhealthy complain about health to eliciting response. Symptoms hard to pin down to illnesses. Prohibition about pursuing needs. Hypochondria, somaticize.

    The 2 SP person wanted to stress their concern about the definition of "Me first, and privilege". They wanted to add that they didn't want to take anything from anyone and wanted everyone to have their needs met. They felt that the languaging of "Me first" gave the impression that they only cared for themselves and that others didn't. The 2 felt it was important to note that "me first" was due to a childlike fear of not being able to get for themselves the essential of life. They stated that it was not an adult "me first", but rather the doubt and insecurity of a child.

    A sense of being entitled to have their needs met.

    My needs must be met to survive. But to ask is to risk being denied, therefore I must be entitled to ensure security.

    2 SX - Sexual/Feeling 2

    With 2 SX's pride enters relationships through seductive adaptation. 2's become seductive by taking on a partner's interest and sharing tastes.

    Seduction is based on the preoccupation with being wanted as a sign of approval and entails drawing another to the self.

    Tend to act seductive and aggressive by turns.

    Basic interest is in finding romantic union.

    Generally confuse sexual charm and sexuality.

    Need to be focus of attention acted out by becoming desirable.

    Feel pride in being able to draw the attention of others, have people seek them out. This attention can be generated by aggressively moving toward others as a giver, or by magnetizing others with promises of love.

    The kind of attention that is sought or seduced varies with the preferences of an individual 2. Outstanding 2's can fine-tune the different kinds of attention that they get by aligning themselves with different types of people.

    Aggression is the confrontational overcoming of all obstacles to a relationship and means pushing for contact.

    With all their might they try to ignore and overcome objective obstacles that make a relationship possible.

    When they begin to encounter some resistance will begin to push and challenge. Try to find a way around the others' objection.

    Overcomes obstacles.

    Take the active role as pursuer and the one who shoulders difficulty effectively.

    My go militant and angrily blame. Behind these flare-ups a melancholy desire for total enmeshed connectedness to another. Yearning related to low side of 4.

    As helpers, they are dominant, take others by the hand, and know what is best for their clients.

    Perfection of skills to lure people they are romantically interested in by altering their personality, dress attractively, turning on the charm, learn their likes and dislikes and listen attentively to their every word.

    Often choose inappropriate or unavailable people as this keeps them from having to face their fears of intimacy.

    They often choose a partner they plan to improve, change, or bring out.

    They like the chase, hook someone in and then discover if they like him or her.

    Seduction/conquest (impersonal and compulsive).

    Desires to be desired. Erotic form of me first. Invasive and flashy. Life focused on success in seducing (Casanova). Champions of seduction.

    Appears 8ish with erotic appeal, attention goes to seduction in place of love-I can, I can, I can-as well as sexual attractiveness. "Wild adventurer, trickster, con-man" can seem 7ish.

    Craves intimacy. Special friends. Driven to get close to others. Desire to win people over. Sharing secrets. Giving attention. There isn't anyone I can't make like me. Let's talk about us. Pursuing. Focus on others. Possessive and hovering. Not taking now for an answer. Keep friends apart. Stalking, obsessive love, fatal attraction.

    The sexual 2 wanted the community to know that when they alter to be what the other wants the price is very high for them. They described the dilemma of wanting the love of the other, altering to meet the other's needs adn then fearing they will reject them if they express their own needs and who they really are. They explained that their gift was in knowing the needs and interests of the other and the ability to draw out the desirable traits within them to please the other. Their strategy is to entice the other by focusing on them and then slowly drawing the other into their own interests and needs. The pain surfaces when the other doesn't take an interest in them and misses the clues to their repressed unmet needs and desires.

    Feel they must be the object of the mate's desire to "feel loved"

    Ooze charm and intimacy.

    When I know what I want, I go for it, and I can be demanding.

    I intuitively know who will respond to me and then indirectly lure the attention of the desired mate. In a class setting I determine the interests of the one I wish to attract (intelligence, etc.) and then ask the instructor a question that would be of interest to the one I wish to draw in.

    Desire is to match interests. "So I seductively involve intimate others in my own interests-creating a sense of wholeness and euphoria".

    Broad sense of interest may be a way to stay connected to intimate others.

    This type attaches only when loved and bolts for freedom when the feeling passes. Knows how to hide neediness behind giving.

    2 SO - Social/Community 2

    Maintain pride of place by ambitious social positioning. Who you know and where you are seen. Who came to your party and were they impressed.

    Seek attention either directly from their own efforts (draw an audience through socially useful works for example) or via affiliation with powerful.

    Ambition involves association with powerful people as a source of protection and as an assurance of status within the group.

    Like to back a winner. Sensing the potential Social 2's are attracted to people on the way up.

    Have an infallible instinct for who the "important" people are.

    Wield influence indirectly, by arranging meetings, facilitating projects, bringing people together.

    Notable for their ambition, particularly to be publicly recognized as someone special. Can appear more 3-like than a 3.

    Public image is crucial. People know you by reputation and the professional letters in your name.

    Serve ambition, often unconsciously, by aligning their own professional interests with those of a mentor, employees, or public figure in the field. They get things done by calling their friends. Inner circle membership is the hallmark of ambition.

    Confuse being noticed with being loved.

    Can sometimes act provocative or obnoxious as this is better than being ignored.

    May marry someone influential or groom children to become achievers.

    Strive to be recognized and valued for their warmth, friendliness, and expertise.

    Try to seek approval by being charming, upbeat, competent, energetic and by entertaining graciously in their domain.

    Ambition (sucking up to status symbols, using people, craving admiration, saintly aspirations)

    Community emphasis on ambition.

    Wants to achieve, commands attention. Flamboyant.

    The pushy salesman, claims overtly made. Can be cold.

    Everybody's friend. Seeks attention through popularity with valued others (through affiliations with powerful people). Power behind the throne. Assertive pride. Indirect. Uses talents to appear special. How do I make myself safe, through flattery, ingratiating. Want to be liked and approved of by everyone. Seen as friend, fear of being forgotten. Guilt. Draw attention to good deeds. Call in favors. Scattered and over committed.

    The social 2's did not identify with the stereotype of the "chicken soup 2". They explained that they would be socially appropriate, but felt that what was more significant and instrumental to their identity was that they connected people who needed each other. The role they identified with instead was the master networker and a collector of people. For example, if an individual in one field is in need of someone in the other, the 2 would bring them together. However, there is always the desire for fair exchange and the hope that they will consider them. The 2's felt that this might be modern day business expression of the social "chicken soup" 2 of past generations.

    Seduction through achievement.

    Don't listen...too full of pride. Pride easily [blocked due to guideline #4 violation]ed.

    Chain of influence is used to be at center.

    Use a lot of sexual to help foster social.

    Pride comes from social connections and supporting others.

    3 SP - Preservation/Resources 3

    Caught up with money/status and material ownership as a way to reduce anxiety and provide for personal survival/security.

    Often rooted in the conviction that money buys safety. Self Pres 3's develop many skills to ensure job security.

    Concentrate on doing well, having enough, especially of the right things.

    Happiness is equated with affluence.

    Can actually amass millions and still harbor a morbid fear of dying broke-insecurity fuels a sense of enough money is never enough.

    Losing assets can feel life threatening. The 3 keeps working, because they feel anxious when they stop.

    Free time takes on the specter of an illness or a layoff. They prefer long hours of work.

    The 3's value as a person is associated with material worth. Can deceive self and others by projecting an affluent image. Costly home, good address, designer clothing.

    In business interactions, this can be acted out as a single-minded concern with profitability. The bottom line.

    In personal relationship this can manifest as a desire for productivity and independence on the part of the mate.

    Material assets will be a centerpiece of their relationship, often a tendency to confuse financial well being with emotional pleasure.

    Continually learn new skills and keep up on latest developments in their field in order to achieve and hang onto their career goals.

    A good team player; tries to get along and stay away from conflict.

    Success doesn't necessarily mean being the leader or center of attention; the person they are trying to compete with and please, are themselves.

    Security (accumulating enough to last forever)

    Personal emphasis on security.

    Security-make self exclusively sure of self-"altogether"

    Security is handled by rejecting anything that doesn't square with own beliefs. Perceived from a secure place. No confusion or threats allowed in. More demanding. "These are my wants". Less into pleasing. Friendships must pass tests, cautious, wants an at peace frame of mind. Stronger connection to 6.

    Vanity is projected in an overconfident image. Concerned with productivity leading to profitability, likes to accumulate material wealth.

    Workaholic. Identification with work. 8 like. Work for security. 3 identifies with job; I am my job. Needs achievement. Needs reward for work well done, raises, promotions. Feel assets-security can be lost at any time. Neglect health and relationships due to unrealistic workload, money, assets. Can't relax. Fer of illness. Need stable base-home. Unhealthy: cover illnesses, panic attacks.

    The self pres 3 strongly identified with the word scarcity. They explained that their fear of scarcity was the cause of their hidden anxiety. They added that their anxiety was so great that they would do anything to ensure freedom from risk. As with all 3's, the issue of status was still important, bu tit was more about having the socially respected resources, in particular, having an image that both reflected status and security. They explained that their need was of accumulating tokens of success to verify to them and others that they were secure.

    A strong desire to acquire possessions of affluence to feel secure.

    3 SX - Sexual/Feeling 3

    Image is based on community or cultural standards of desirability or a given partners expectations.

    If not committed to a specific partner then they will project an image generally and seek sexual conquests.

    Adopt a sexually appealing image, and are often aware of performing a role.

    Being recognized as physically appealing or sexually potent is a sign of value.

    Play roles in relationships, in hopes of love and admiration.

    Can compete to be attractive in other people's eyes.

    Element of competition and performance even in love making.

    Sexual conquests are important for their self esteem as symbols of success.

    Have the right look and the best lines.

    Some report that need to project a winning sexual images masks a deep confusion between the masculine and feminine aspects of themselves. This confusion often takes the form of feeling split between a masculine driven self and a more feminine other self.

    In business the facade alters for maximum appeal. A strong Contender. A top producer.

    Masculine/Feminine roles. Image oriented maximized.

    Mannequin like.

    The right look.

    Try to impress opposite sex with charisma, sexiness and strength (depending on gender).

    Mastered the art of looking attractive.

    Pay attention to what others find appealing and dress accordingly.

    Can resemble sexual 6.

    Alter behavior in order to keep partner attracted.

    Hidden fear of rejection.

    Identifies with the image. No freedom to be anything else. To show real face would be acceptable. Hollywood image of looking rough or the supermodel. Seeking to be attractive to another.

    Sexual-the catch. Powerful desire to be desired. Look but don't touch. Mannequin like. Alluring. Coquettish in women. Driving in men. Hunk, sex kitten, ideal of gender norms. Terrified of breaking gender norms. Trophy wife/husband. Desire for intimacy. Attract but not sustain. Deep fear of being undesirable.

    Sexual rage and jealousy.

    Envy like 4's.

    Can seem 4-like but with less depth and more emotional lability/flexibility.

    The Sexual 3 wanted to share that their anxiety surfaces if anything mirrors back to them that they are not perfect, explaining that "if I'm not perfect I am nothing". When interviewed the question was whether it was the feelings, values or the way they looked, the response was "Everything, I must be a perfect example of what it is my boyfriend/partner, parents, friends, and boss want me to be, the problem is I can't perform all the roles perfectly simultaneously. I have little freedom of expression." The stress of feeling that they must be the ideal male or female of our society and yet still be the perfect (mother, father, spouse, parent, employee) with different values from their subjective values was very difficult to reconcile and created tremendous anxiety.

    Visible anxiety with the sexual variant. A feeling of flighty ungroundedness occasionally.

    Strong need to have a prestigious, sought after partner.

    "I am my role. I am my partner's prestige."

    4 SP - Preservation/Resources 4

    Ignoring basic survival needs in order to follow a dream. Here the desire for a way of life can become so compelling the dauntless four will throw caution to the wind in a high stakes approach to making that life materialize.

    Survival is marked by a reckless urgency to obtain those things that promise satisfaction. An internal process often.

    Envy dissolves in luxury, relaxes in meaningful conversation or the satisfaction of suffering boldly.

    Recreate the possibility of loss through reckless action or emotional involvement.

    Excitement of playing the edge of disaster.

    Wedged between hope and despair, why not just go for it, I can handle this.

    The high level of excitement of the "on the edge" crisis is almost like an addiction and always ensures the depressive swing down the melancholia.

    The dauntless character has a certain suicidal edge, an abandonment of fate.

    Take chances to stir up emotional intensity, play out melodrama or to get attention.

    Consolation prizes "I deserve this for my suffering"

    Two kinds; risk taking and prize seeking.

    Can seem like counterphobic 6's in their behavior.

    With a three wing can be more flamboyant and make a show of their daring or tenacity. "I will endure, just watch me!"

    With a five wing can be more sullen and self punishing "I bear my solitude with fortitude and resolve, but oh how I suffer"

    Recklessness and dauntlessness in the four often lead to victim situations and crisis. This style can have numerous manifestations, chronic joblessness, homes burning to the ground, tumultuous relationships, large ebb and flow of money, career changes, ascetic spiritual practices, rigorous physical activity, etc.

    If the four becomes dissatisfied with the dream once it is obtained there will be a tendency to wreak the basis of the security in order for it to be missed and so it can seem desirable again. Fortunes are made and lost, and made again as interest come and go. Can go for relationships or spiritual practices that can be abandoned and re-sparked when depression, loneliness or spiritual emptiness hits.

    Focuses intently on creative work or causes.

    Likes to point out angles others haven't thought of.

    Often takes offense when people assume they know what the self pres 4 are thinking or feeling.

    "My fate is so awful I might as well make it worse"

    Dauntless (no matter what)-self contained, self defeating, autonomous, fiercely independent, denial of envy (doesn't play the victim, can seem 8ish in this steely resolve).

    Can be self punishing. 1-like persistence. Practically minded, with a sudden shift toward luxury and decadence.

    I'll make myself do this. I must endure.

    Afraid of being hurt. Glued through the eyes, hanging on through the gaze.

    Wide eyed "Betty Davis eyes"..

    Counter-dependency, "I don't need you, I don't need anyone" 3-like resolve.

    Tenacious striving. Grasping for what is missing, running toward the ideal at all costs.

    Desire for emotional intensity interferes with basic needs. Risk for emotional intensity. Comfort, textures, fragrances, mood lighting. Romantic lifestyle at the risk of security. Aesthetically beautiful womb like home. I owe i to myself. lavish, "who cares", Bad habits compensate for what the four feels is lacking. Craving rich foods, luxury, drugs, alcohol. Excess eating, expensive dinners, watching movies all night. Costly redecorating schemes.

    "I'll make myself feel better"

    Alternating responsibility and irresponsibility of practical life.

    The most significant thing about the Self pres 4 was their identification with being self-contained, counter dependent, and self devouring. Rather than just criticizing themselves, they tore themselves apart, explaining that they weren't striving to improve themselves like the One. Instead the need is to preserve something that was concretely beautiful that they could manifest materially or concretely. Something to show for their suffering; art, music, etc. Many were fine artists or craft people, and while others still admired these concrete works. The self Pres 4 would know every flaw they had made and still feel inadequate. Ultimately fearing that whatever they created will be inherently flawed, so the must keep striving.

    The attention can go to the essential needs in relationship to image. For example, what is the temperature of the room, will I be too hot and perspire, should I loosen my belt to be more comfortable. This lighting is harsh, and puts me in a bad mood. I should close the windows that noise is distracting. I can't concentrate with all this ugly stuff around me.

    4 SX - Sexual/Feeling 4

    Establishes self esteem through comparison with others.

    Competition is an invigorating energy that cuts through depression and ruminating about loss. It's an "I'll Show You" rush of energy.

    Competition is focused in two ways by competing for approval and through rivalry with people who claim recognition or attention you want for yourself.

    Compete because of the need to be worthy in the eyes of a desirable person.

    With a mate are prone to jealous heat.

    Want to be the most important person in mates life.

    In a 1 to 1 relationship, competition is acted out through controlled seduction and rejection. May seduce only to drop later.

    Being the first to reject forestalls the expectation of abandonment.

    The successful seduction serves as proof that they are equal or superior to the desired person.

    Rejecting partners however opens the for to envy if the partner finds another mate.

    The sexual subtype usually does not compete with friends, but can be highly adversarial to people in the same field or a rejecting mate.

    In non sexual relationships, this gets played out as "wanting the respect of the best people"

    Plebs don't matter when you have the attention of royalty.

    Low-self esteem is kept at bay by courting people of worth (subjectively decided by the 4).

    Competitive 4's are as aggressive as 3's in going after what they want, but the envy motive causes them to focus on heavily slamming competitors as the goal itself. 8 like.

    Can be consumed with professional envy. Long to best others in their work.

    Petty about keeping score.

    There is a need to reduce the worth of those who have not been deprived by exposing their faults.

    Want recognition for their uniqueness.

    Take away the success of others when threatened.

    Envy people who seem happier, more fulfilled, or more interesting than they are, particular those whose assets are similar to theirs.

    Longs for or has longed for a soul mate to come along and rescue them from an ordinary life.

    Frequently engages in push pull. Creating drama and pain, keeps renewing the distance they want gives them the feeling they are in control.

    Competition (compulsive comparing of self and others)-although admittance of this is kept under wraps.

    Can be counter-envious.

    Over involved-eyes go out to what else is missing "I want that too", Arrogant and demanding. Feelings of rottenness transformed into beauty. The misunderstood genius. "I answer only to God". No authority is worthy to control me.

    8ish, a rare type can appear more 8 than 8. Self confident. Claims position, has angry envy, diminishes other to make self bigger and prove one right. 8 like intensities, over steps boundaries. Cannibalistic, "I deserve it", knows their own worth.

    Infatuation. Envy clearly visible but often denied. Longing to have desirable other. Could be the one. Looking and longing for the one. Hate rival. I've got to get rid of the competition. Accomplishments acceptable to others, "Look at the greatness of my creation". Frustrated by others who achieve. "I attract through my uniqueness"

    Seductive, sexual, sensual.

    Idealizing other then rejecting them.

    "How dare you have other friends"

    Admiration, longing, hatred.

    Burning desire.

    Misery loves company.

    Others deserve to loose.

    Mysterious, hard to get, uninterested, arrogant and aloof.

    "The sexual 4 felt under represent in the literature on 4's. Most of them in some way felt outwardly very confident. They still identified with the dichotomy of dropping downward and feeling inadequate. They described having a passion for protest but explained that it was an internal angry envy expresses outwardly, covering a hidden fear of losing that which they desired. They hated anyone or anything that triggered feelings of inadequacy or envy, however, the deeper meaning was that they would rather have your hatred is it showed that you still cared and they could still affect you rather than to have your indifference. The sexual 4 also added that the high side of entitlement was their acceptance and support of everyone's unalienable right to express their individuality and needs.

    Need to recreate loss for the intensity of the feeling.

    Angry outbursts, suffering artist.
    Artistic bravado and arrogance.

    4 SO - Social/Community 4

    Shame in not measuring up to group standards. The feeling that one's own worth is not equal to the expectations of others. Can be highly self critical and feel ashamed of their deviance from imagined group norms.

    Main question: Am I going to make friends?

    Develop an unusual sensitivity to social slights and a parallel desire for recognition. Often feels socially inadequate and pours on the charm.

    Feelings of envy arise in comparing self to others. Sensitive to criticism. Terror of rejection, of having the fatal flaw detected.

    May romanticize defects but feel bad about themselves anyway.

    Feel misunderstood.

    A sense of not meeting the standards of what others are capable of meeting, of an inner defectiveness of being that will eventually be seen and lead to rejection.

    Want to hide away from probing eyes, to eliminate social encounters that might bring deficiency to light.

    Believe they are despised by others and fear that others might be able to read their thoughts and feelings and condemn them because of this.

    Afraid their outward appearance will be rejected.

    Image is heightened as a protective measure; elite memberships, a unique social presentation, looking attractive and somewhat aloof, above the common crowd.

    Feelings of low self esteem, often based on actual losses in the past, perpetuate the illusion that other people posses what is missing.

    They cannot live up to their own high standards, perpetuating shame.

    Will attack themselves looking for the fatal flaw, the defective quality of being. Fiercely protective of their negative differences.

    With a 3 wing may cover shame with charm and an flashy image.

    With a five wing will grow anti-social and depressed, bearing their shame in solitude.

    Dies over each mistake or social faux pas they make.

    Always analyzing themselves; "Did I make myself understood", "Did I sound Stupid?", "Was I too aggressive?", "Was I too conciliatory"

    Shame in particular about desiring and loving...modest Inferiority, "How great you are...I am nothing", dazzled, wants to be in but feels excluded.

    Needs to be missed.

    Hypersensitivity. Desire to be among the elite combined with doubts about being up to it. Cultured. Refined. Need to be seen as desired. Lofty image. Rejecting one's qualities. Fantasies of being royal. Class shame. Can't function like "normal people".

    Defends defects, yet feels disadvantaged.
    Don't know how to be part of the social world.
    Seeks achievement and attention to make up for flaws "they won't make fun of me now" Even evident in the 5 wing.
    Attraction to deviant behavior when unhealthy.
    Anti social in lower levels of health.
    Easily withdraws to lick wounds.

    The social 4 felt that their shame was hidden because it pertained to a way in which or where they were reared. They felt they were always trying to be socially one level above where they felt they truly belonged. When they finally achieved the level they had longed for it was still not enough, so they had to strive to be at the next level, and so on. They described a never ending pressure to be more while still feeling they were inadequate, and a fear that someone would discover their humble beginnings.

    Social situations are a dance between being charming or shameful.

    Feelings of low self esteem-"God didn't give me what others have"

    Drive to achieve-when people start to give up on me I can really come through and seek revenge.

    Wants to be honored for specialness. Intense shame at desiring and seeking attention.

    Attempts to seek attention are quickly countered with withdraw. "Oh, God they know I need attention, how shameful!"

    Can appear like 1's, but with a decisively more shameful and self loathing bent. "I am so screwed up, I must hide this, but I want you to know how wrong I am too, but respect this as a special and noble quality".

    Wounded healer quality much like the self pres 4.

    Diplomatic, charming, and quite articulate. Anger is displayed through hateful withdraw and biting sarcasm or wit.

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    Head triad: 5,6,7 subtype profiles
    (missing descriptions for 6 sx, 6 so, 7 sp, 7 sx)


    5 SP - Preservation/Resources 5

    Feelings of scarcity underlie the avarice for independent privacy.

    See home as secure refuge from an invading world.

    There is a preoccupation with the control of private, personal space.

    A "womb with a view"

    The important aspect of this space is that it is "their" space and they have control over it.

    May hide in books, live alone, or need their own room where they can close themselves off.

    Have solitary hobbies, and interests, seek comfort and solace alone.

    Lose their sense of privacy easily.

    "I can't withdraw into myself if there's a friend in the room. I'm so aware of what their doing that if they're quietly reading a book it feels as loud a s a band playing polkas. My only hope for concentration is to get them out or to get myself out to a coffeehouse where nobody knows me and I won't be disturbed."

    Can feel knocked over by people's expectations.

    Take little from others.

    Feelings of scarcity underlie the need to hoard whatever supplies are critical for survival. Can become attached to hoarding everything from money to private time and space, any of which can seem vital to survival.

    Economy equals independence.

    Sometimes quite thin,

    Chief defensive strategy is to withdraw.

    Sensitive to feeling saturated by outside world.

    More alienated than other types.

    Try to keep life simple

    The more time spent with people, the more drained they become.

    Have a tendency to save; protects time and money.

    Self reliant; rarely seeks advice or help.

    Dislikes being owed or owing anything.

    "My Home, my castle"

    Lair (hiddenness), seeks protection, hides in cave or sanctuary. Creates a private space with thick walls. Most avoidant, with an inability to confront.

    Not wanting to show rebellious side. Secretive and private. The Voyeur. Represses the bad child. Anger is cut off. Anger is percieved is dirty or impure emotion. The anger leaks out as misanthropy. 5's in power can be cruel with disdain for ordinary mortals. "This rotten race"-Tiberius.

    This subtype has an internal battle between the security of withdrawing into privacy and the insecurity of missing out on the good things in life.

    Isolation and hoarding. Need to minimize, needs to be secure. Stockpile, gathering, collecting anything I might need to survive. Mental resources, videos, collections, encyclopedias, books, etc. Avoids social contact. True Loners. Easily overwhelmed. Loves solitude and quiet. Don't ask much, can't give much. Extremely private-few people are let into home or thoughts. Low expectations of life. Home sanctuary. Won't trade independence for anything. Prepares for future loss. Avoids needing others. Dry depression.

    The self pres 5 explained that the need to isolate and reduce needs is due to the fear of not having enough personal resources or otherwise to give back. The strategy to require very little, to hold in and hold on was the simplest way to survive, for if they did receive something there would be an expectation to reciprocate. Therefore, they would rather have very few things to deal with that could control them. However, to go without and still desire the good things in life tormented them. They shared that they felt sad and deprived forgoing some of life's greatest pleasures to have freedom from the constriction of the needs of others.

    Minimizes all engagements.

    See homes as a place away from all noise and pressures.

    "I can draw into myself anywhere."

    "I take little from others, because I have to give to get, and I do not have much to give."

    From the entangled space, freedom looks delicious - but once free, there is an urge to recreate involvements and make commitments. A cycle between grasping and releasing ensues. This cycle can be incredibly taxing.

    5 SX - Sexual/Feeling 5

    Avarice in one to one relationships refers to a preoccupation with key disclosures and emotional ties that can endure periods of separation.

    Confidants are the few with whom they share an understanding. The private advisor, the personal moment. Secret love affairs.

    Trust only a few, but then do so totally.

    Fives experience bonding in one to one relationships through the exchange of confidential information.

    Bonds of special connection are mental treasures. They can be privately reviewed and imaginatively recreated.

    They are meaningful not only because they are few and far between but because they are embedded in the mind.

    A remembered friendship can enjoy a perpetual life in their imagination, that any meaningful encounter can be recreated at will.

    An exchange of confidences not to be shared with others.

    Intimacy is the equivalent of exchanging secret information.

    "Only we two have this information"

    Expressing love is not very important.

    Experiences more confidence in nonverbal sexual communication than in public displays of relating.

    Drawn to sexual expression as the antithesis of intellectualism

    Seductive invitation to sharing secrets. Merging through secrets.

    When entranced can be a little kinky.

    Doesn't want partner to discuss their relationship or private business without consulting them first.

    Likes to have interesting and deep conversations, but will not initiate people they don't know. Tend to discuss logistics, scientific matters, or mechanics, as a feeling type they are more likely to discuss literature, the arts, or philosophy.

    Especially value those who respect their boundaries.

    "When I'm alone with my feelings they seem quite clear, but when I try to express them to my partner and close friends, I can't find the right words."

    Trust. Confidence. Needs for total love and acceptance.

    Confidence. Naive expectation-excessive confidence in one special person. More assertive and more feelingful. Experienced parents as strangers. Curtailed verbally.
    Outpouring of feelings through art (Chopin)
    The ultimate value in one person.
    Search for meaning, sadness, suffering, yearning and nostalgia.
    Attach self to one person and must be loved, needs needs met.

    Tendency toward brief highly meaningful encounters.

    Attachment and avoidance of 5 clashes with the desire for intense connection. "I've never told anyone this before"
    Liberal and intellectual
    Alternate realities created, "step inside my world"
    Does my intensity frighten you?
    Mate for life.
    Lost in disturbing fantasies
    Longing for lost love leads to total isolation-can be dangerous in lower levels.
    Can't stand periphery interaction.

    "The sexual 5 focused on their intense for the idealized mate. They wanted to add that when they finally found the perfect mate they felt incredibly tied to the idea of their love and became a slave to it. They also described a conflict in holding the ideal and identifying with their own imperfection of being human, fearing that their human components might contaminate their love. "For people are not ideal and people can contaminate love" One example of how they coped with this contradiction in terms was to hold the love in their mind or imagination where it could remain untainted. Another was to express love nonverbally with their bodies, a deep wordless connection.

    Difficulty understanding non-verbal ways of communication sometimes.

    Expressing love is binding and controlling.

    Would love to trust people but simply cannot risk it.

    Seek total merging but terrified.

    Intimate family members, other than small children, can be a big threat...they make the biggest demands of all.

    I can trust someone what seems like completely, if they are at a safe distance...should they come closer i start getting bothered and physical intimacy/sex brings with it a further need to have secrets from my beloved.

    5 SO - Social/Community 5

    "The totems of a tribe are links between the gigantic forces of nature and the limited human mind."

    "The five preoccupation with mind as a source of power can develop into a passionate search for power information.

    A search for totems of the social group. Which are the sources of knowledge and power that influence a culture.

    Social avarice underscores an interest in ideas and people who influence the culture.

    Social 5's are attracted to systems of study that yield big picture accounts of social forces: political prediction, stock market analysis, psychoanalysis, the enneagram. It's a way of predicting outer events through the command of the mind. Knowledge is power and forewarned is forearmed.

    Insider information is protective.

    It is important to belong to some kind of "in group"

    Fives feel the need to align with the source of the people of the tribe, to give advice and to get advice from the inner circle.

    They seek the nearness of other people in the know and of the group. Fives feel the need to align with the source of the people of the tribe. Getting and giving advice via the information system is valued.

    Connect in groups by either providing specialized information or by learning from a leader who has specialized knowledge.

    Connecting with like minded individuals.

    Enjoy living in the flow of a group interest. Sharing knowledge and affiliations.

    Like to refine their thinking with "people in the know" in a setting that is free of having to schmooze or small talk.

    Gather in places dedicated to serious study; chess clubs, math departments, spiritual centers, yoga centers, universities, institutes.

    Could live in high society, and know the right people, belong to the best clubs resembling 3 sometimes.

    Will not jokey for social place. They want to be CALLED to the inner circle.

    They are hoping for recognition from the masters of their guild.

    The Five preoccupation with information as power could develop into a passionate search for powerful information. Foreknowledge and clairvoyant future seeing through empirical data.

    There is an attraction to the study of systems that explain human behavior, to finding the pivotal formula that governs a field of study, and to locating the seminal minds whose thinking will be influential.

    May prefer specialized or esoteric areas of knowledge that exclude the masses.

    Can be friendly, but also be terrific snobs.

    Romanticized secret elitist group membership.

    Concerned with titles, degrees, and credentials.

    Like to tell you how to do things quicker and more effeciently (much like 1's)

    Usually can appear more friendly and extroverted that other 5's.

    "When I do quality work I expect praise from those who matter, the gurus, although I won't ask for it"

    Science and religion can be made into totems. Cold scientific-over-idealization of value. Superior values with rigidity. Not interested as much in people as the ideas behind people.

    Search for the truth through scientific or theoretical means.

    Ultimate value in knowledge and information (Philosophers stone).

    Can think and appear 3ish but are more detached.

    Social experts. "I don't have to give up self if I have knowledge"
    Love intellectual models.
    Information is used as bartering material.

    I am the only one who knows how to fix that.

    Artistic elite.

    Only talk about significant topics.

    Debate theory, analyze theory.
    Artistic elite.
    Anarchistic when unhealthy.

    "The social 5 wanted to explain the difficulties of having strong tendencies toward isolation and anti-social behavior while still craving social connection. They explained that it conflicts with the need to withdraw from the world. Many of them stated they handled this dilemma by being in small elite groups, however they felt torn between wanting to belong to the group while simultaneously feeling burdened by the responsibility. They described feeling the constant tug back and forth between wanting to connect with the group and at the same time wanting to move away."

    Sometimes stating the obvious.

    Can appear haughty and condescending.

    6 SP - Preservation/Resources 6

    Fear disappears in the company of friends. You can relax with people who know and accept you. You have a history together. You know what to expect. Feel safe with people who like them and feel endangered when they don't.

    Devoted to friendships.

    Please to feel safe.

    Disarm their anger and allying friendship by sticking up for them, by taking their side. bonded by warmth, actions are motivated by friendship. "We're in it together", People protect someone they like.

    Maintaining the other people's affection is a way to disarm potential hostility. If people like you, there's no need to be afraid of them.

    Display a persona warmth that is meant to defang the potential hostility of others.

    Use humor, charm, self deprecation to make friends out of possible enemies.

    Can flatter like 2's, play themselves down, work to maintain people's affection.

    Safety in the positive regard of others.

    Belief that power can be swayed by loyalty. Exchanging devotion for protection in the workplace; a willingness not to oppose.

    Distance and silence encourage doubt. Without a reality check, they fall prey to their own imagination and start to wonder. Attention shifts from doubt to imagination and from imagination to fact.

    If they sense aggression or disapproval in the environment, they may counterphobically zero in on it.

    Act vulnerable to invite rescue. Ingratiating, but more nervously dependent than other 6 subtypes.

    Worry about their ability to survive; have scary, "worst can happen" fantasies.

    Home environment sometimes important. May feel like their house is a fortress against the outside world's dangers.

    Need to have a safe house and feel protected from outer world.

    Warmth (need and/or rejection of)


    Personal emphasis on warmth/affection.

    Analyze every ramification of every action in order to not make mistakes or jeopardize safety.

    Typically more phobic, avoidant, timid, cautious, insecure. "I'm harmless, how could you hurt me", suspicious. Unarmed. Victim. Bottled up anger. Weak in life feels need for protection. Passion for seeking affection. "Be a friend to me as I am to you...don't hurt me!"

    Engaging support. I can't take care of myself, by myself. I don't have enough support. Anxiety about lacking support is handled by looking to friends and allies for support. Bonding, "I'm a good guy". Disarming others with warmth and humor. Self deprecating, make fun of self. Looks 2ish or 9ish, are more overtly dependent. Buddies for life. Make friends slowly, through experiences. Need sincere reliable good people around them. Domestic, keep things running, home life, family values. Most problems are disguising anxiety-dependency on other. Wary, claustrophobic thinking, loss of the home/security/relationship. Fretting. Loss of friendship/relationship terrifying. Loss of alliances=danger. Worry about changes. Clingy, panicky.

    The self pres 6 identified with being affectionate however, to be fair they also shared that they can also be very rejecting. The explanation was the process they used to overcome feeling phobic. Initially they were very warm and engaging as they assessed the motive of the other in an attempt to alleivate their own fears. If they received warmth in return they felt safe, however, "if for any reason you are not equally warm and responsive, then you must be dangerous and therefore must be rejected". Besides their own rejection they also needed outside validation and would seek others that shared their concerns to hold their fear in check. "I am not sure about this person. What do you think?" Sadly, they felt this made their worlds very small.

    Personal warmth is extended to determine a sense of security. If safety is experienced, affection will follow, but if doubt or insecurity is experienced, rejection must follow to insure security.

    I hate that everyone can see how insecure I am, I wear my fear/heart on my sleeve. I can cave easily so I make my domain safe to be able to retreat when threatened. I tend to project that everyone sees how anxious/insecure I am.

    9 passive aggression.

    Can seem 4ish, heavy melancholy feeling sometimes evident.

    7 SO - Social/Community 7

    A 7 group interests often reflect an idealized social order. They sacrifice immediate pleasure to materialize a future dram. They form long range interests in the cause, the commune, and the church. Gluttony touches the social arena through the like minded affinity groups. 7's who like people who mirror their sense of inner worth, who share the same philosophical ideas and who enjoy the same activities. Their goal is to have stimulating company while they pursue the same activities they would do on their own.

    7's can accept the limitation of options imposed by obligations to others because they couple with the belief that all limitations are temporary and move toward positive future goals.

    Feel a tension between duty to others and a desire to escape.

    See the strength in numbers but are also keenly aware of the limitations that people bring to group process. It's hard not to feel martyred when people struggle and blunder. What a waste.

    Tend to feel responsible for people around them and experience that as a confining burden. They then react against the weight of obligation, seeking variety and craving change.

    Stuff their longings for change and think they must put the job, family, spouse first.

    Often feel like martyrs and harbor deep resentments about their commitments.

    Equalizing authority is a big social consideration. No leaders and no followers. No one above or below.

    Hate limitations and rules.

    Like an egalitarian power structure, because it guarantees their personal freedom but also because they don't readily empathize with people who have different needs.

    Do not want to be controlled by other people's ideas and difficulties.

    Hate to be dragged along on someone else's' idea of a good time.

    When entranced can be highly irresponsible. When awakened they make peace with commitment and sacrifice and are often very stable and generous.

    Often an idealism, sometimes a strong connection to 1.

    Can be from a large family. Eldest child.

    Slow to act on their good intentions, especially when they would have to give up freedom.

    Like companionship and brotherhood, but can't stand it when anyone tries to control or coerce them.

    Can be impatient, want to take action now instead of wasting time bickering about procedures.

    Inequality among people upset them. "I wish there weren't pecking orders"

    Large circle of friends.

    Sacrifice, narcissistic reward in their own goodness, cheerful enduring of martyrdom. 2 like.

    Community emphasis on limits and obligations.

    Service of humanity, 6 like. Ambitious. Willingness to accept-"the hard working 7". Moved by duty. Need for recognition. Helpful, sweet, give to get. Passion to seduce the world.

    Hates to miss out. Current circumstances may not be the ideal one but maybe not too far off-it will be. The grass is always greener. Idealistic causes, exciting, stimulating. Fun to be connected. Easily feels bogged down by slower pace. Group becomes limiting like burden or restriction. Tension between commitments and personal desire to go off and do something else. Easily feel trapped and cornered by conversation. Resent authority. "How can I get out of this?" Always on the lookout for a stimulating conversation/experience. Fast talking. Half committal. Calendar full. Backup plans. Mental agitation makes it difficult to settle down and complete something. Easily magnetized by what's happening. Dissipate force and talent. Unsettles and unsettling. Irresponsible.

    The social 7 saw themselves as socially unconventional, but identified with the willingness to be of service in exchange for recognition. First and foremost they identified with being intensely curious and "dedicated to abstraction". They explained that their energy goes to "thinking about the abstraction, telling others about, and learning more about it in order to teach about it. They saw their gift as the ability to synthesize the data and squeeze the boredom out of it. In addition they saw themselves as hard working and found that they danced a delicate dance between their need for attention from the group and their need for independence and individuality.

    Commits to have a good plan only to later feel trapped by expectations.

    The honorable role of saint-like martyrdom justifies limits.

    Willing to sacrifice so group can have fun. Giving to get for group to have fun.

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    If I take some of the sx 4 and some sp 4 and merge's about right...

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    The only description that matters isn't on here

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    Quote Originally Posted by silke View Post
    Self Pres 4

    Ignoring basic survival needs in order to follow a dream.
    What?! No. The whole "self-pres" description is anti-self-pres.
    You didn't list my stacking, but I don't mind.

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    Over here, we'll put up with (almost) all of your crap. You just have to use the secret phrase: "I don't value it. It's related to <insert random element here>, which is not in my quadra."
    Quote Originally Posted by Aquagraph View Post
    Abbie is so boring and rigid it's awesome instead of boring and rigid. She seems so practical and down-to-the-ground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Director Abbie View Post
    What?! No. The whole "self-pres" description is anti-self-pres.
    You can focus on your physical well-being and still act in detriment to it.

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    I didn't think Sx was supposed to be "fixated on getting a partner/having hookups...". Also, what Abbie said.

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