Learning Socionics more deeply. A likely lurker unless the subject strikes a chord...

INFp - IEI [Ni]
4w5 - sp/sx [4-5-1]

Studies since 2003 ...and NO it does not make me a freakin expert on anything, as I have forgotten much of this stuff. I really know more about the Enneagram than any of the other models. I am not terribly convinced on Socionics vs. Myers-Briggs but it seems simpler, even if it confuses a bit for the introverted types. However, it is a theoretical system...and what the heck...I like those, especially when they pertain to the human mind/psychology/personality.

Object Relations
Fergus Duniho: Triads
Karen Horney: Directional Theory of the Enneagram
Dr. Claudio Naranjo
Katherine C. Fauvre
Lissa Friedman
David M. Bohe
Helen Palmer
Carl Jung - The Association Method & Personality Types