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Thread: Enneagram question for types 1w2 and 8w7

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    Default Enneagram question for types 1w2 and 8w7

    how does the integration/disintegration work for these types? i'm still new around the enneagram so correct this anywhere that it's off base

    type 1 disintegrates to 4 which is the direction of integration for type 2
    type 8 disintegrated to 5 which is integration type for 7

    does this mean that for type 1w2s and 8s7s the integration/disintegration direction of their primary type is at conflict with the needs of their wing? if so then how does integration/disintegration work for them?

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    You tend to exhibit more of the negative aspects of the disintegration point, whereas you exhibit the average to healthy aspects of integration point. i.e. there's a difference between acting irreparably self-loathing, self-sabotaging, and feeling like you're beyond rules (negative four) versus introspective or creatively insightful (average/healthy four).

    imo this shows up in tritypes as well (if you believe in tritypes.) A type like 4-7-1, for instance, will have a lot of overlap in integration and disintegration. It's more about the overall feeling inside you, how okay you feel when acting out those things, and what effect you have on others.

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