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Thread: Once Upon A Time characters

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    Default Once Upon A Time characters

    I don’t know if any of you heard about it, but it’s this show on ABC about fairytales with a modern day twist. I’m going to take my shot at typing all the characters, feel free to agree/disagree/comment. (There’s a new episode tonight at 8 pm est. Yay!)

    Regina Mills: I’m going to say she’s a good example of female SLE. She goes crazy for those really big-hearted and victimy boys that she can easily control. She’s definitely aggressive and assertive, and always seeks out her own love. She justifies a lot of the bad crap she does with ‘I was just looking for love!’

    Henry: IEI. He’s kind of boring, like IEIs are most of the time - and just talks a lot about the most ideal and heroic thing to do. He lives in a storybook world, and reminds everybody of the good fight. I’m a lot like Henry, maybe that’s why he bores me.

    Emma: SEE is my first instinct. She’s good at like, being charming/and socialable with everybody and shit. She’s kind of the gal that brings everyone together, and I can see good semi-dual vibes with her son Henry. Their scenes are cute to me.

    David/Prince Charming: I want to say some type of Delta honestly. He’s kind of… irritating. He gives lots of moral speeches but unlike Henry he isn’t that lighthearted about it, and kind of comes off too stern to me. Maybe SLI? He also has that Delta homely borningness. Sorry I’m being rude.

    Mary Margaret/Snow White: IEE probably, since she’s David’s man and they have good on-screen chemistry and they’re husband/wife in real life as well as the ‘true love IT’ couple on the show. She’s all ethical and generous and mary sue-ish, just like female IEEs are usually. (though it’s possible David/Snow are an alpha quadra couple too, maybe – I could see SEI for Snow, and ILE for David)

    Captain Hook: God he’s hot. Probably beta LSI. He has good sexual chemistry with almost everybody, which I think is a LSI thing because they are often sensual like that. Clearly values Se, because he ain’t afraid to get in a fight but his psychological rapport with others always kinda takes a lot of time to develop because he’s sort of the Snarky Spike of the show.

    Cora: Big Bad of Season 2, that isn’t around anymore but worthy enough to get a typing. Hmm. Possibly, Cora could be an EIE. Her having activity relations with her daughter Regina (the SLE I first typed) makes A LOT of sense now that I think about it. They always… energized each other when together and you could feel the presence very well.

    Rumple: He values Te, I think that much is clearly certain. He doesn’t let a detail go unnoticed, is very manipulative and business-y. He kinda Vis sorta as an IEE that went rogue. Or maybe he’s SLI, I’ve been getting the two confused a lot lately in males. He’s a popular character, but he personally gets on my nerves because everything he says is always laced with so much Te.

    Zelena: Cora’s other daughter, and Regina’s sister. (Wicked Witch of the West, current Big Bad of Season 3) EIE like her mother. She plays victim like most Betas, is rather overly dramatic and campy. An ‘actor’ in the purest sense of the word.

    Granny: I think she might be the show’s only LSE honestly. I like her though, I think I would hate her personally but from a distance she’s really funny/entertaining. Very sharp and witty, and businessy Te, owns her own restaurant.

    Ruby: Little red rining hood/Granny’s granddaughter. She dresses like a slut, which Granny teases her for. They don’t have that good chemistry together honestly, I mean yeah the ‘teasing’ feels like family bonding but there isn’t that good of a connection between the two so I am tempted to say she’s some sort of Beta, IEI-fe maybe or yet another EIE even. She kinda reminds me of Starfall so yeah I’m gonna go with IEI, conflicting relationship with her own grandmother.

    Aaaaand that’s all folks. I’ll try to think of more people to type later mb.

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    Love this show! I like your typings too. I didn't even know about socionics while watching past seasons so it might be fun to match them up to your typings.

    I also like "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" but not as much.

    Rumple is one of my favorite characters. Snow and Charming irk me at times. I like Henry and Pan a lot. And I like Regina. She is so misunderstood. Ok gotta add that I like Ruby too. She sometimes reminded me of me. It's the wolf inside.

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    @truck Yeah, David is pretty boring.

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    I watched season one and maybe an episode or two of season two, but I got bored with it. Plus I'm just not a huge fan of Disney style fairy tales to begin with so I don't really like the feel of the show all that much, particularly when they show scenes from the magic world (whatever it's called). I'm a bigger fan of Grimm and Supernatural.

    Regina Mills: I've no arguments with an SLE typing for her.

    Henry: Obviously ethical, probably intuitive. Not sure.

    Emma: ESI or SEE

    David/Prince Charming: I'm totally fine with Delta extrovert for him.

    Mary Margaret/Snow White: Something about her kinda bugs me, though I'm not sure if it's the character or the actress. She's definitely ethical and Ne/Si.

    Rumple: ILI? He clearly has issues with Fe.
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