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Thread: Alpha Unity versus Beta Unity

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    Default Alpha Unity versus Beta Unity

    I am trying to determine which IM elements lead to the concept of group unity within the quadras, which means determining precisely what constitutes such unity within each quadra. Beta is easier to understand; people tend to unite under a common ideology () and are willing to push () for that ideology to be at the forefront of a given group, organization, society, etc. and would be useful for knowing how to direct people's passions in such a way that they remain unified and motivated to keep pushing. But for Alphas, I'm mostly just getting "everyone is chilled and relaxed and having a great time". Do and also play into Alpha unity in some way? If so, how?

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    some narrow, personal experience with alphas

    Fe and Ne:
    Ne type proposes often-silly ideas (building a raft out of plastic bottles, exploring abandoned buildings & tunnels, geocaching, "ghost-hunting")
    Fe type validates Ne idea by being OMG SO EXCITED LET'S DO THIS about it

    Fe and Ti:
    Fe type is hyper-reactive to liberal PC social ideology, thus is socially picky and conflict-prone
    Ti type questions Fe type's evaluations, noting contradictions in its judgement, keeping it "in line," reinforcing respect as a virtue in the group

    Fe, Ne and Si
    Fe and Ne doms needs to calm the fuck down
    Si type has a fake ID and is a drug dealer, plenty of weed and alcohol, let's have a party. reminds them it's okay to just sit around, or sleep

    Si and Ti
    Si type has now established that it's time to chill out enjoy hedonistic pleasures
    Ti egos start talking politics and suddenly it's pseudo-intellectual stoner douchebag heaven. Fe type cums.

    The ESE was central. Without the others, it felt unbalanced, even sick. Without him, nothing ever happened, and people seemed deflated.
    So, based on my experience, I see Fe as captain in alpha group unity. Ne is first mate. I'm sure it's different in each group, depending on what kind of activity is collectively deemed priority.

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    Damn I need more Alpha friends.

    (or weed)
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