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Thread: Decisive Depression

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    Default Decisive Depression

    What are decisive types like when going through a rut? How do they differ from judicious types in this respect?
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    Oh man, i don't think you're going to get an answer with this question. It could be quantifiable in this respect, but its a pretty precise question that can only be answered through personal experience. I doubt any studies have been done on this topic.


    Ni is melancholic and Se aggressive. I think what may set the decisives apart is that they are either a calm comfortable sad, or completely focused outwards directing anger towards very particular objects/people. But that may just be the beta irrationals.
    Projection is ordinary. Person A projects at person B, hoping tovalidate something about person A by the response of person B. However, person B, not wanting to be an obejct of someone elses ego and guarding against existential terror constructs a personality which protects his ego and maintain a certain sense of a robust and real self that is different and separate from person A. Sadly, this robust and real self, cut off by defenses of character from the rest of the world, is quite vulnerable and fragile given that it is imaginary and propped up through external feed back. Person B is dimly aware of this and defends against it all the more, even desperately projecting his anxieties back onto person A, with the hope of shoring up his ego with salubrious validation. All of this happens without A or B acknowledging it, of course. Because to face up to it consciously is shocking, in that this is all anybody is doing or can do and it seems absurd when you realize how pathetic it is.

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    Sometimes I don't realize I am depressed until I decide I need to do something about the way I am feeling. Then it will hit me that I was depressed. I asked my doctor how can I tell the difference, when I am depressed or if I am just being overly introverted and her answer surprised me. She said sometimes you can't. I am not talking about the obviously sad crying depression. I am talking about times when you don't want to be bothered by outside influences. You just want to wallow in your own thoughts and feelings without interruption and work it out yourself.

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