Hey everyone, I have learned about socionics a bit in the past, primarily using the articles section of this site. A lot of the descriptions leave me confused about the underpinnings of this system and the actual theoretical articles I haven't spent much time with. I know a lot about mbti, or at least its permutations prevalent in the common understanding. I know enneagram, too. I hope to get a sense of socionics and its permutations as well. I think there's a LOT of material, though, it is a bit daunting. Know any good places to start?

I have a type me thread up, so feel free to contribute, and if you'd be willing to do an interview to help me figure out my type let me know!

The thread on Fe PoLR in the gamma subforum is hilarious. Check it out if you haven't.

Also, I'm weird and awkward in a way that even weird and awkward people find perplexing. For example, why did I write out this line? I don't know.