Firstly, the "cultural" "phenomenon" of the 1001 series is a little obnoxious to me, even if I've read some of the books. I think about 90% of the reason is because the title is so daft and that the books nowhere meet a definitive list of the "best" things...although possibly this is not a prime ambition.

But such books and lists have been a long utilised source for me (and for others). I have been thinking for some time of the implications of going further and further down those lists until they feel largely depleted...would that mean at such a stage, I'd essentially be tired of life? I suspect that the answer may be that such a process will always broaden my horizons, and make me pursue interests related to those pieces that I find I like...I guess also there will be several more George Clooney films to look forward to. Or perhaps I will develop entirely new interests, such as "101 Operas to See Before You Die", "1001 Railway Stations to See Before You Die", "10001 Species to See Before They Die" and so on.

Isn't Life just one great adventure?!