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Thread: irrational functions summarized

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    Default irrational functions summarized

    Ni/Se: this is how quality x manifests, and so can we determine the extent to which any person/thing possesses said quality, if at all.

    -purely inductive and holistic; qualities are discrete and internally anchored, like a tape reel, or one of those comic books where flipping through the pages conveys the story.

    Si/Ne: this is how we've seen quality x manifest, and these are the different circumstances within which it will manifest, to greater or lesser degrees.

    --purely deductive and interpolative; qualities are seen as reflections of more basic recursions that are equalized by the subject through the environment.

    Ni/Se is seeking a singular context within which to describe things. I remember telling gilly once, that based on the manner in which this person manifested a certain quality, I could know with certainty that his friends could very well be my friends. Ne would've speculated on how that quality manifests in others, to find various 'proofs' of its internal correlates. Ni seeks to seal the boundaries within the environment so that subjective impressions can be seamlessly streamed, ideas given form and substance.

    Si/Ne is more about encompassing various experiential contexts; there is no 'right' answer here, or definitive manifestation of a given quality/behavior. when I was in the swiss antique store, the objects took me where they did internally, based on the feel and immediate impact they created; to Ne/Si, the journey is through the impressions and intuitions about the historical context within which they existed, there is no distinct feel, but a variegated sense of how different people could have enjoyed them, and how their present condition bears on the usage of items with similar internal qualities.

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    Experience happens to an Ne/Si user, and then they determine what it means. With an Ni/Se user, the meaning comes first and then they seek out corresponding experiences. It's more proactive, and selective. The Ne/Si perspective is less selective and more reactive. In an Ne/Si user the meaning, or context, behind experiences is secondary and changes with new experiences, but for the Ni/Se the context is more fundamental. It eventually becomes the motor behind all of their actions and they derive a lot of their sense of identity from it. They cannot easily change it, because it would equate to losing their grasp of how real events relate to each other. It's easier for an Se/Ni user to change their experiences to conform with a (time tested) belief, than to change beliefs and in the interim have no "compass". An Ne/Si user can change beliefs because they don't act on them, or solely on them. They are oriented towards accepting the unknown, and adapting to it. Se/Ni users do not adapt to the unknown, they uncover it, figure out how it works, and then change it.

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