Salutations to the Socionics forum! My name is InAFishbowl, at least for the intents and purposes of this site. My other names include Jacques, 47, Milo, and Francis.

What you need to know:

I discovered socionics approximately 2 months ago, and have become an ardent reader of the documents and articles on it. I am fairly familiar with MBTI and the enneagram, but only on a surface level.

Preliminary speculation on my own part suggests that I am an ENTp 4w5, but this may change in the coming months. Tests in the past have handed me everything from LII to ENFP (MBTI). Further complications stem from my inability to guess the typing of the other participant in my more significant life relationships. I may have met my dual, but then again, maybe not.

Religion: Roman Catholic, and fairly devoted to it.
Location: Various parts of the US, but raised in Texas and currently in South Carolina.
Oddities: Sleep paralysis, parents who might be my Conflicting types, and numerous others.

Good day to you all! I hope that I will contribute meaningfully to this forum, and learn much from it in return.